How to check overstay fine in UAE?

How to check overstay fine in UAE

Visitors, Tourists, and residents in the UAE must pay the fine if they stay in the country after their visa expires. One of the interesting topic that I will cover in this post is how to check overstay fine in UAE.

To check the overstay fine in the UAE you should visit the ICP (Federal Authority for Idendity Citizenship, Custome and Port security) website and follow the following steps;

  1. Go over the services area: When you access the ICP website, look for the public services option and click on it.

Many services would be available there. Scroll down until you find “pay fine” for your convenience I’ve provided a direct link here.

2. Enter the required Information: To obtain the result, you must input the necessary information including;

    • File number: you would find it on your visa. It has divided into 4 part: DEPARTMENT/YEAR/SERVICES/SQUENCE
    • On the second place, enter your birth date.
    • Check I am not a robot and search.
    • The result will be shown. 


How to check overstay fine in UAE With Passpoer number?

If you don’t remember your file number because you lost your visa or you have not carry your passport with you while checking.

The second approach is more practical because you only need your passport number. Everyone knows their passport number and can recall it at any time, right?

    • Go over the Citizens Of Certain Countries
    • passport number
    • Foreign passport
    • Chose the nationality
    • Check I am not a robot and search.
    • The result will be shown.

How to check overstay fine in UAE

The number of days you overstayed and the total fee will calculat automatically and displayed to you.

When you have checked your overstay fee, you can proceed with payment. However, keep in mind that you must have a user account or an Emirate Pass to access the online payment for the overstay fine.

The UAE government will only charge you an overstay fine once your grace period has expired. The visit and tourist visa grace period is 10 days.

The residency visa grace period ranges from 30 to 180 days, depending on the professional level.

Visit my previous post to learn about the skill level, grace period, and overstay fine calculation method in the UAE. Click here.

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