Entry permit Dubai Modern Rules Of application


The individual or the company can apply the entry permit Dubai or the visa for UAE through the website of the federal authority for identity and citizenship-ICA or the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA).

Whether you apply via ICA or the GDRFA the process is similar for the online application. The difference between the two departments is ICA only work for online application in another word it is eChannel for residency and citizenship. The GDRFA offers both online and offline channels for visa application, issuance of entry permit and renewal of the visa.

I have found many people confuse about the work permit and entry permit because both phrases look similar after ending in the permit. There are fundamental differences between work permit in Dubai and an entry permit in Dubai.

The entry permit is short term permission which issues from the ministry of immigration in the UAE to allow someone to enter UAE using the sea, sky, and land border of this country.

The work permit is issued by the ministry of the labor that allows individuals to work in this country it will renew along with their visa.

Anyone who is coming to Dubai or United Arab Emirate they do not get the full visa. The entry permit enables them to enter UAE airports, seaports or border checkpoints. The immigration officer will stamp the visa on your passport in the airport, seaports or land border office on your arrival.

There are two channels that you can to apply for an entry permit in Dubai or UAE. The process is straightforward you can track your application status online on the ICA or GDRFA websites. The offline channel also opened for inquiry of your visa status via a telephone call.

1. Online channels

  • the eChannels portal
  • website of GDRFA
  • mobile apps.

Entry permit UAE:- Through eChannels

It is the online service that has been providing from the federal authority for identity and citizenship-ICA where individuals and companies registered in UAE can apply for a new visa or visa renewal.

To apply for an online entry permit or visa application you must register on their website first. Once your application received an email for confirmation will deliver to your email address. Remember your username and password because you can track your application status anytime login into their website.

The eVisa that you get through email is for use at the port of entry in the UAE before the arrival of the sponsored. You are not required to submit your original visa to get into the UAE territory because eVisa works for it.

The ICA provides a variety of services to the individuals and the organizations here is the quick glance.

Individuals services.  
  • UAE nationals: they can apply for their sponsored to any individuals.
  • UAE Residents: Can apply for a new visa or renew or cancel
  • GCC nationals: allows applying for their sponsor.
  • GCC residents: GCC residents can use these services to apply for a new visa permit
  • Visitors: allows visitors to apply for a new visa permit
Organizations services.
  •  To start using this service there should be a commercial license issued and valid for the establishment across all UAE, in order to continue with the registration
  •  This service allows applying for visas and residencies regarding Establishments
  •  All establishments should submit the application before the grace period to avoid overdue fines.
  •  E visas are declared to be official document by ICA and it can be used from any entry port to the UAE without the need to put the original visa in the airports before the arrival of the sponsored
Typing center services;
  • Providing the establishment card
  • Establishment activity should be in the field of typing center services
  • Payment of fees of 6,000 AED distributed between 5000 AED security deposit and AED 1000 subscription fees
  • Provision of equipment and training to staff
  • To comply with the laws and undertakings required to provide these services and take full responsibility for any errors resulting from malfunction or failure to submit applications.

The website of GDRFA

You can apply for a visa online on the websites of the relevant general directorate of residency and foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in each emirate where you are willing to visit.

The United Arab Emirates has the seven emirates all of them has GDRFA office providing the equal services to the visitors or the companies, so you can apply for an entry permit, visa or other visa relates services by clicking the links to GDRFA as following;

If you are coming to Dubai or the Dubai residence, Amer.ae is another website which has run through the GDRFA Dubai. You can use the Amer services to apply for entry permits and residence visas for your families. Visitors can apply for an extension of visas on arrival.

Mobile apps

The UAE government is pushing itself to the digital government services, the result for this residence of the UAE or Visitor can access all of the government services on the related department of the government website.

For the last 5yrs, most of the online traffics are generated from smartphone users because many users use a mobile phone to be online, hence, the UAE government also developed the mobile apps to make mobile user easy to access the needed services.

Here are the apps you can download in your android or ISO phone by clicking on the following links.  When you download the app on your phone, you need to register first and apply for the Dubai entry permit, UAE entry permit, visa application, tracking status and renewal.

Entry permit UAE:- Offline channels 

If you are not online savvy or have faced problem online application for an entry permit UAE or other visa related services. You can go through the offline ways but a bit costly.

Typing centers 

There are the offline services providers licensed from the UAE government as the typing centers where visa application types and processes through GDRFA in the respective emirates.

Upon approval, the sponsor will receive a message about the approval and the original entry permit.

Entry permit Dubai via Amer centers;

Amer centers are only for the visitors or residents of Dubai. The Amer centers in Dubai. help you to apply for an entry permit and visa transactions and other Dubai government services.

Final thoughts:  If you want to apply for entry permit Dubai or entry permit UAE as well as the visa application and renewal you can use any of the channels offline and online at your convenience.

The services that provide from GDRFA and ICA are very handy because all of them are available online. Whether you are visitors, UAE residences or organizations want to sponsor someone just apply for entry permits in any of the above UAE government departments.

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