UAE visit visa and tourist visa cheaper way to get.

UAE visit visa

The UAE visit visa is an entry permit which enables someone to enter the United Arab emirates. UAE immigration is responsible to issue any types of visa for the foreign national, those want to visit, stay and work in this country.

The individuals who apply for the visit visa they have to prove that they are going to visit their relative, friends or their family members before getting this visa.

The UAE immigration issues many types of visas for the foreigners or its won citizen, however, there are two conditions the expatriates can get the visit visa for the UAE.

  1. You should come to visit either your friend, family members or relatives.
  2. You are coming to attend training, seminar or any other business activities representing your company.

The UAE government has visa waiver agreements with many developed countries mostly from the western part of the world, and some of the Asian nations also have the same agreement with the UAE government.

The citizen of the visa waiver countries can come to the UAE without the visa. After just booking the ticket you can come to the UAE and the visa will issue at the immigration counter in the Abidhabi, Dubai or the Sharjah airport. To check your eligibility for the visa on arrival in UAE click here.

If you are from the country which has not visa agreement with the UAE government you should get the valid visa prior to boarding the aeroplane for this country.

How people are getting a UAE visit visa?

As I have been constantly focusing the people activities for getting the visit or the tourist visa for the UAE. I found most of them use the expensive way to get in Dubai. Yes, it is true, you can look for a job in any part of the UAE with tourist or visit visa even though you are not allowed to work on it.

There is one requirement for getting the visit visa in the UAE is a sponsorship. Your UAE residence friends, family members, travel companies, hotel, travel agents and airline can be the sponsor of your visit visa.

Those above individuals and the organizations can apply for the visit visa or tourist visa for you to bring into the country. As I know many people who have already in the UAE through above-mentioned visa they paid much more than the expected fee to get it.

If your friend or relative who is already in the UAE may not know how to apply for the visa on behalf of you. They apply through the travel agent in the UAE, the travel agencies do not work free, that’s the result, they pay visa fee including the service charges of the agency.

Another way you can come here through a travel agent or manpower companies in your home countries those agents are even more high-priced than the travel agency in the UAE.

Now let talk about the cheaper way to get a visit visa or the tourist visa for the United Arab Emirates.

Cheaper ways of getting the visit visa in the UAE;
  1. If your friends or relatives sponsoring your visa, tell them to apply from the UAE immigration counter not to work with the travel agencies.
  2. In the minimal cost, another way, your sponsor can apply to visit visa for you is going to the UAE airline counters and apply from there. You have to pay only ticket cost and visa charges no other hidden bills.
How to get a tourist or visit visa form your country on the minimal cost. 

If you want to come to UAE on visit or tourist visa and you have the friends who can help you after you are here. Follow these steps are easy and efficient to get the visa from your home country.

Although there are many ways to apply for the visa I highly recommend the following procedure for everyone.

Step-1: Most importantly, Know which UAE airline has operated in your country, Specially, I love to remark here the most popular and well-known airlines in the UAE.

Firstly, it is important to choose any of the following airlines for your need, secondly, work with them, thirdly, get a visa and lastly fly to Dubai.

Although there are the many airlines provide the visit or tourist visa in the UAE the following are the most trustworthy.

  1. Emirates airline
  2. Etihad Airline
  3. Fly Dubai
  4. Air Arabia.

Step-2 Go to their customer service counter in your country and ask for some information about how can you apply for the visit visa. After that, you have to provide the necessary documents and book the ticket.

Generally, the types of visa you can apply via airlines;

1. Single entry visa 

  • The validity: 14 days
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Number of entries: Single entry
  • Visa fee: AED 50

2. 48 hours transit visa

  • The validity: 14 days
  • Duration: 48 hours
  • Number of entries: Single entry
  • Visa fee: Free

3. Tourist visa 

  • The validity: 60 days
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Entries Number: Single entry
  • Visa fee: AED 350

4. Tourist visa 

  • The validity: 60 days
  • Duration: 30 days
  • Entry number: Multiple entries
  • Visa fee: AED 650

5. Services visa.

  • The validity: 14 days
  • Duration: 14 days
  • Entries number: Single entry
  • Visa fee: AED 400

6. Long term visa.

  • The validity: 60 days
  • Duration: 90 days
  • Entry number: Single entry
  • Visa fee: AED 1000

7. Long term visit visa.

  • The validity: 60 days
  • Duration: 90 days
  • Entry number: Multiple entries
  • Visa fee: AED 2500
Requirement documents for the visit or tourist visa. 
  • Completed application form
  • 6x6cm photograph in colour (minimum of 600×600 pixels) with a white background (at least 80% of your face should be visible)
  • Colour copy of your passport showing your full name, nationality, date and place of birth, passport number, date of issue and expiry, name of father / legal guardian, and the name of your mother
  • Valid passport with at least six months validity at the time of travel
  • Confirmed ticket traveling into UAE any international airport and onwards from UAE to a third destination

If you are traveling with your child, In addition, you must also submit a birth certificate for your child, in English or Arabic.


The UAE government has defined the dependents are a spouse, the children below the age of 18 and parent above the age of 60. To acquire the visa for them you must submit supporting documents that prove your relationship with them, for example, marriage certificate or birth certificate, etc.

Minors (under 18 years old)

The UAE law has recognized the travelers who are under the age of 18 as a minor. Even though you are female married to someone you are still under the age of 18 also requires the following documents.

  • Photo ID of parents or husband is required
  • Copy of the host’s passport or residence visa (this is the person with whom you will be staying in the UAE)
  • Females under the age of 18 or students must travel with their parents
  • Only machine-readable passports will be accepted (handwritten passports will not be accepted)
Additional documents

Depending on your nationality, the additional documents can be requested to proceed with the visa. The charges will not refundable under any circumstances.

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