How to apply UAE visit visa application online.

UAE visit visa application

UAE Visit visa application:– Nowadays it has been the most popular way, the people come on visit or tourist visas in UAE and look for a job. To apply for the UAE visit visa you should meet certain mandatory requirements from the UAE immigration department.

Previously I had written two blogs related to the visit visa in the UAE. I hope you might have already known about the visit visa, its application process, and requirements charges, moreover, the supported documents to prove the relationship with the sponsor.

In this article, I would not go in detail about the visit visa because you can get enough knowledge from my previous blogs which have incorporated with these links. 

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Although the UAE government has made much easier for visit visa application still that is not applicable to all the countries.

Foreign nationals, from developing countries, especially, from Asia and African nationals need the visa in advance before coming to the UAE.

Mostly people from western countries do not require the visa to travel UAE, moreover, the visa will issue against them on the arrival at Dubai or Abu Dhabi airport.

This regulation is only applicable to the nationalities whose government has a reciprocal visa waiver agreement with the UAE government.

You know what, only a Few Asian countries are beneficial to the above privilege such as japan, south Korea, china and Rasia, etc. The point is there, the individual who wants to come to Dubai from most of the Asian countries should obtain the visa before getting into the airplane.

What needs for the UAE visit visa application?

If you are not from the countries that you are not eligible to have a visa on arrival the following things are necessary for you for UAE visit visa application.

  1. Sponsor: ( Your relative UAE residence or Dubai based travel agency, UAE hotels, UAE company, and Airline operator can play its role).
  2. Documents: You may require to submit the additional documents to the speed of your visa approval such as marriage certificate, childbirth certificate for children, etc.
  3. Tickets: Two ways of ticket booking
  4. Application form: Fully handwritten application form.

Everybodys know this the visit visa can apply at the immigration or the travel agent’s office after attending over there. I also only know that before but now only one site on the internet you can process your UAE visit visa application.

As I guided you on my previous post, about the method of getting the UAE to visit visa. this post also similar in nature but slightly different.

Where to submit your UAE visit visa application?

To apply the visit visa for UAE online, you should make your sponsor to the Airline operator only one airliner is Etihad Airways which offers foreign national to apply the visit or tourist visa on its website.

Etihad Airways is the largest and highly profitable organization in the UAE. It has headquartered in Abu Dhabi the capital city of UAE. Furthermore, The Abu Dhabi based company provides the visit or tourist visa to its, passengers when they apply online or offline.

UAE visit visa application online.

1- Step – Visit the Etihad Airways website.

2- Step – Go to the visa section 

3-Step – Click on the UAE visa, you would redirect the new page containing the various types of visas.

4- Step – Choose one of the visa types you need, out of the several available on the pages. I have chosen the long term visit visa.

5- Step- on this step you are on the main visa application page, where, you should complete the 5 stages.

      1. Firstly fill with the trip info.
      2. Application info
      3. Address info
      4. Attachment info
      5. Review application
      6. Application fee.

In the first place of this application process just complete the tip info. You need to select from the drop-down menu the place where you want to go and the airport likewise Dubai=Dubai airport. If you are using the transit visa select the country from where your flight was beginning.

In the fourth option, you should enter the vessel number or your plane number. Write your arrival date. and click next.

On another page, you need to fill with your particulars and go for next to fill your address.

In the fourth section of the application process, you must upload your passport, photo, and other essentials.

Then, click next review your application if you get any error then back to your page and make corrections. At last, pay your application fee and wait for the confirmation.

Visit the Etihad visa application page now

In conclusion:

After doing the long research I have found the people have successfully come to Dubai or brought their family members after applying for a visit visa through this website. There is nothing to worry about because it is an international airline company based in Abu Dhabi, but make sure you should take flight for UAE within a timeframe because the fee that you pay for UAE visa applicator will not refund, even though, you want to cancel the trip.

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