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Whether you are an expatriate resident of UAE or Emiratis both need to obtain the emirates id to stay in this country. As many government services in the United Arab Emirates are available online, getting Emirate ID status through the web is not difficult. Therefore I am writing this post to help you with emirates id status check online.

If you are new to the Emirate ID, it is important that you know about it, before, checking your ID card status online. Just give a couple of minutes to read this post because I have described the general concept and features of the Emirates ID.

What is emirates ID and why it is important?

It is an identity of the UAE national and UAE residents issued from the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. It is a legal requirement for the residence of the UAE and local to have an ID and carry with them all the time. In another word, we can say it is the citizenship of the UAE residents.

The card is very important for both ex-pats and local residents, because every service you want to use, whether private or government, requires it. Some examples; where the emirates id is used as follows;

  • to get government services
  • To use the voting rights for the federal national council
  • UAE citizen can use this ID to travel GCC without the Visa
  • It works as a document to pass immigration checkpoint in the international airport and land border point in the UAE.
  • To open the bank account and apply for a bank loan in the UAE.
  • To obtain a business license and establish a business.

Some features and benefits of Emirates Id

  • A biometric smart card
  • chip-based card
  • Small chips but high storage capacity up to 32 thousand letters of information can be saved.
  • It can use as the digital signature and authentication of certificate.
  • It can use widely in the e-channel and e-services.
  • Identity of the UAE
  • Protect your identity theft and fraud.
  •  Can print according to your visa.
  • Non repeated identity number, consist of 15 digits.
  • ID status can check online.

emirates id status check;

If you want to check your id card status online then follow the following guidelines which help you to understand the whole process;

STEP 1: Visit the federal identity and citizenship ministry’s official website and scroll down until you find the  Related eServices click check id card status. To make you easy I have provided the links hereunder click link 5.

  1. Apply for a new ID card
  2. Renew citizen ID Card
  3. Renew Expat ID Card
  4. Customer guide to using the eForm
  5. Check Emirates ID card status
  6. Apply for exemption from delay fees


Step 2: If your application is for a new emirate id, enter the PRAN (Person Application Number) you can find it on your visa application form.

If you have the emirate ID, even if it has expired, enter the Id number and click Check.


How long does it take to receive the emirate id?

Printing an ID normally takes 2 to 3 weeks, unless you apply urgently, which may cost extra and printing within a week.

It is equally important that you check the status of your UAE visa along with the status of the Emirate Id. Therefore, click this link to check the UAE visa through your passport number.

Please note: This service is not widely available outside the UAE. When you click on the above option, if you do not access the page, you think this service is not allowed in your country.


Emirates ID is the vital document for the both UAE national and expatriates resident in this country cause it requires everywhere whether you are dealing with privates or government organization. To check your emirates id you must have the existing ID or the personal application number. The status of the Emirates ID will be retrieved only after you enter the 15 digits Id code.

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