Dubai student visa, Easy way to apply minimum cost.

Dubai student visa is an authorized document from the immigration of the United Arab Emirates which allows the receiver to stay, study and part-time work in Dubai or in other emirates.

If you are not UAE national or citizen of any GCC countries including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, and Kuwait. You must have a valid student visa before entering Dubai for studying purposes.

Who can get the UAE student visa?

Not everyone eligible to get the student visa in Dubai because it issues solely on educational purposes, so, the applicant must intend to study in this country even though they are allowed to work on a student visa.

Since 2018 the UAE government has been issuing the 5yrs student visa for the outstanding students who are still studying in a UAE university or seeking educational opportunities here in Dubai from other countries in the world.

Here are the eligibility conditions for a 5-year visa;
  1. School students who have graduated with a 95% grade score, from secondary schools whether public or private.
  2. The university students in the UAE and outside of the country have graduated with a distinctive GPA minimum of 3.75.

Geographically, Dubai has located in the center of the global business map, therefore many international organizations, institutions, and industries have focused on Dubai as the regional headquarter as well as the regional supply chains.

Along with the rapid development of the city, the top universities in the world especially from western countries started to come into Dubai and now there are almost hundreds of international universities such as Harriot Watt University, UK college of business and computing, the American university and the University of Manchester, etc.

Why should you choose Dubai for study?

Whether you go to the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and other western countries the main aim is to get a high-quality education because education has been the most powerful and proven vehicle for sustainable development of the people’s career as well as the life.

The main reason to choose Dubai for the study is getting a world-class education at a lower cost compared to the other developed countries. The top Universities of the USA, Australia, the UK, and Canada have branch colleges and campuses in Dubai. If you study in these universities the curriculum is not different from the origin country.

When it comes to the regular fees and tuition fees are also less than Uk, USA, and Canada. Another explanation for why students want to study abroad particularly those who are from developing countries is working and supporting their study themselves.

Just like developed countries students in Dubai also allow working part-time but the difference is here. In the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia you should pay high-income tax, on the contrary, UAE is the tax-free country if you get a job your salary could be enough to cover off your university cost.

Dubai government issues the variety of visas every year but all need a sponsor for them unless you are from the visa waiver countries. The student visa also not the exception, so, you need the sponsor to apply for the Dubai student visa. Here are the types of student visas in the UAE depending on the sponsorship.

  1. Residents sponsoring (student visa)

The foreigners who have obtained a UAE residence visa can sponsor of student visa for their children. The people who are working in UAE or who have been running the business here all of them have a residency visa. You should not confuse that residency visa in the UAE is not different than the visa that our father, brother, relatives, and friends having in UAE.

The law of the UAE does not allow the Expatriate parents to sponsor continuously their male children above the age of 18. Whatsoever, if you are already studying at any university. Your parents have the right to be the sponsor of the visa even above the age of 18. For the female children, perspective parents can sponsor to study, regardless of their children’s age.

New rules for children’s visa sponsored by parents;

Above the age of 18, if the students who graduate from their universities or secondary school will entitle for a one-year residence visa, renewable for another year from the graduation date or on completing 18 years.

Families do not need bank deposits for this type of visa. the cost of the visa is AED 100 first time issued and a similar cost for each renewal.

The parent is duly responsible for providing the attested graduate certificate whether in UAE or out of the country.

Any of your family members already working in Dubai can be the sponsor of your visa, therefore, you are not required to go through the university.

2. Accredited universities/colleges (student visa)

Accredited universities and colleges in the United Arab Emirates may obtain a visa for their students it does not matter either they are already in UAE or coming into the country.

If you don’t have a sponsor in UAE for your studying visa the alternative way is to follow the universities in Dubai.  Visit any university website, you would find the programs they are offering.

Just register on their website and apply for the enrollment that you are going to get. The university may request the required documents along with the application confirmation email.

University will do every process on behalf of you but you should pay the service charge even though you are coming to study on their campuses. The university will apply for your entry permit from the ministry of immigration, studying permits from the ministry of the foreign affair and ministry of education.

However, sponsoring from the university is not 100% sure that you will secure the Dubai student visa because you should pass the relevant test for example; a medical fitness test, a security check and the approval of the GDRFA in the relevant emirate.

Student visa in Dubai requirements;

  1. For the new student, the official admission letter from the university.
  2. For the older student, a certificate of continuation of the study
  3. passing a medical fitness test
  4. visa sponsor, either the university itself or a parent or relative.
  5. General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs approval of the relevant  (GDRFA)

The validity of the student visa in UAE?

The normal validity of the student visa in the UAE is 1yrs and continually renewal on the date of expiration but it requires the institution official letter that proves you are still studying in that university.

If you secure the 5yrs long term visa it will renew after the date of completion means after 5yrs. However, there are much more the term and conditions will apply for issuing the long term student visa in UAE.

Conclusion: coming into Dubai through the student visa is not as difficult as you are coming on work permit. If you don’t have the sponsor for the Dubai student visa also don’t worry because the universities are always seeking the student from the other countries.

Before applying for the visa you should research about the best university in Dubai which meet your need. Some of the vacation training centers also provide you a student visa for you but it needs to renew every 60 days but will not extendable after 6 months.

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