Dubai police careers, these jobs can be filled by foreigners.


The Dubai Police is an autonomous agency of the Dubai government which has 17,500 strong members of its family. Dubai police force is one of the well equipped and well-trained police forces in the world. If you’re a foreigner and you’re looking for Dubai police careers, this article will give you the information for being part of the world’s most modern police force.

Since the UAE is heavily dependent on foreign labor to drive its economy, the majority of the country ‘s population is not UAE ethnic. 85 percent, the population of Dubai are foreigners who have resided here for jobs, education, business, and residence.

Although the majority numbers of the police officers are local some other countries’ national also working in various departments and ranks. Dubai police began recruiting expatriates when it came up with a community police concept.

Most foreign nationals will join as community police officers in Dubai whose duty is to patrol residential areas, gather information on the infringement, and create a safe and secure environment for community members.

Apart from the community patrol, the police officers will do other types of regular duties which are as following;

  1. Post Duty
  2. Traffic control
  3. Investigation
  4. Secure public places such as nuclear sites, and other government entities.
  5. Jail Guard or prison guard
  6.   Event security and VIP protection
  7. Technical officers (IT or mechanical)

How to look for Dubai police careers?

To look for the Dubai police job you can use both online and offline channels. Use the Dubai police careers website where the vacant position is published by the Dubai police or Being told about the opening by your friend and family members who are already serving in the Dubai Police Force.

How to apply for a Dubai police job?

When you find the job vacancy in the Dubai police job portal can apply online. Another way present yourself at the Dubai police station where they receive the application.

Do Dubai police hire a foreign national?

Dubai police do not hire foreign nationals as a regular police officer except community officers or other positions just like technical jobs. Community officers do not have the power to arrest and investigate, but they play an important role in supporting local police officers in various scenarios.

Foreigners will work in Dubai Police Support Units, not operational units. Only the highly qualified candidates of foreign national will get the change in the following roles. Although they employe in the Dubai police force, not considered the uniformed officers.

  1. IT and computer engineers
  2.  Forensic medicine specialist
  3. specialist medical doctor

The Requirement of the Dubai police officers

  1. Mentally fit for carrying out the duties.
  2. Medium built
  3. At least 5 feet 8 inches tall for male
  4. At least 5 feet 5 inches tall for females.
  5. ‎Equivalent Degree/Diploma
  6. speak, read and be able to write in Arabic fluently

What is the recruitment process of the Dubai police?

DP has its own recruitment policy where the candidates need to pass several tests such as the physical, written, oral, and medical. Only the successful candidate will refer to the training of Basic Police Officers in the Dubai Police Academy.

The cadres shall pass out from the Dubai Police Academy after completing the training and deploy for assignments in several units of Dubai police.

Do the foreign national can work permanently in Dubai police?

I have already said that Dubai police hire foreign talent in positions where UAE nationals are not available. All expatriates working for the Dubai police have a 2-year contract that requires renewal after expiry.

Conclusion: As a UAE national, you can join the Dubai police force in your preferred roles if your educational qualifications meet the requirements. The foreign nationals also can grab the Dubai police careers but they should have the exceptional skill which can not fill by the Emirates.

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  1. Hello, I am from nepal i have been serving nepal army since 2016 january. I am too much curious to become dubai(UAE) police .

  2. Dear sir / Madam,
    Please be good enough to take me for community police officer in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. UAE.
    My former community police officer of Srilanka police work , recommendation letter and certificates with me.

  3. I am Raji Rajan. I am a registered nurse and have DHA license. I am looking for a job. Is there any vacancy in Dubai Police Clinic?

  4. Halo Sir/Madam
    My name is Shrddha Bhalla. I’m in UAE since 22 years. I’m 45 years old. I want to work with Dubai police and I want to support kids or women who are in the jail for any reason. I’m a postgraduate. I want to help the needy people. 😊

  5. I highly first thank 🙏 alot some one who allowed other Nationality to be able to apply for DUBAI POLICE and as me Hassan I have been serving Uganda police force and now I would also like to serve DUBAI POLICE FORCE also and am really interested in that job

  6. Dear sir/ madam,
    Regarding community police support in UAE
    Please be good enough to take me to your UAE community police for support to public and save people, because of I worked in community police department in srilanka police and I have recommendations certificate also,if you want to check by my original certificate, pls free to contact me,sir below contact email address.
    [email protected].
    Thanks & Best regards,
    Mohamed safran

  7. Hi. My self M Asim from Pakistan. i am doing job in Pakistan Navy for the last 7 years . Can i join dubai police ?

  8. Let me take this opportunity to address myself I’m rop from Kenya, have been working in a dipartiment of kenKe defence froces and im interested to work in Dubai as a sacpial army.

  9. Hello sir/Madam,
    My name is Hafeez Rahman, I’m 20 years old. I want to work with UAE police, and I want to support kids or women and Take care all of the outside country people i want to help the needy people. 😊
    thanks for taking your time.

  10. Hello sir I am ALAUL Momin Now I am working West Bengal police Department as a Telephone operator In India at last 11 years now I am Interested to Join Dubai police please give me a chance for work Dubai police

  11. My Name is Ikrammehmood. Iam.Retared.X.militory pak Army.and I am awarded Army chief. Certificate. And United nation awarded. Now I am job in uae security guard .6 years experience. I am interested joining dubai police. Force.

  12. I m retired from Pakistan army now I work as a security guard officer in dubai.i m interested to join dubai police helper I have 6 years experience of Dubai security department.