Coders can now apply for 10 year golden visa UAE


The UAE government has announced the introduction of a 10-year golden visa UAE for coders or computer programmers. The visa will be valid for ten years and will be renewable indefinitely.

Professionals with experience working with multinational technology companies and a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, hardware engineering, information technology, artificial intelligence, data science, or electrical engineering can apply for the golden visa for UAE.

Within five years, 100,000 coders will be employed globally through national programs for coders, and 1,000 digital businesses will be founded.

What is10-year golden visa in UAE?

This is a resident visa that the UAE government issues to foreign nationals, allowing them to work, reside, and establish a business in the country.

Although most residency visas in the UAE require renewal every two years, a golden visa in the UAE is valid for ten years. This visa can renew further 10 years when it expires.

In the United Arab Emirates, the golden visa holder can obtain visas for his/her family members, including spouses and children.

Although the government has been issuing golden visas to investors and other area professionals since 2017, this is the first time the government has extended to computer programmers.

How to apply for a 10-year golden visa in UAE?

Individuals that meet the criteria can apply for a visa through the office of Artificial Intelligence the UAE government, or the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship.

The national coder program will assist UAE golden visa holders in establishing a business or working in a professional field.

Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the vice president, and prime minister of the UAE started a national program for coders in collaboration with Google, Microsoft, and Facebook among others tech firms.

The government has already established an office to supervise the national programs for the coders which focus on;

  • Supporting coders, entrepreneurs, startups, large companies, and the academic sector
  • ┬áDeveloping a comprehensive platform for promoting engagement and linkages between coders and local companies and universities
  • Launching global skill development initiatives featuring international trainers aimed at enhancing the efficiency of local talent
  • Attracting the best international coding professionals to the UAE
  • Recommending policies to foster the development of the coding sector in cooperation with various government entities

Individuals can apply for a golden visa for a coder online and submit the required documents; you can track your visa application status online.

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