career at emirates? What is the hiring timeline?


Emirates Airlines is a Dubai-based leading aviation company that operates 200+ wide body aircraft in more than 150 destinations and 80 countries worldwide. There are several opportunities for a career at emirates because it is employing new personnel to operate its grounded fleets as a result of the pandemic.

Emirates Group is the parent organization of Emirates Airlines it had employed more than 105,000 staff before Covid19, but 30% of them were laid off during the pandemic.

Currently, Emirates Airlines is running at 70 percent of its capacity, it needs a large workforce to function at full capacity.

The recruitment process of Emirates Airlines’ crew completes in four phases. How long the hiring process will end depends on the number of applications for the particular roles.

Unless unusual circumstances, the company recruits new employees within a specific timeframe, which I am going to discuss in this post.

The process of career at emirates

  1. Job Postings and Applications:

Although the organization publishes vacant positions primarily on its official job board, It also posted some positions on LinkedIn, Indeed, and other sites to reach a large number of job seekers.

Wherever the requirements have been published, the application link will redirect to the company’s official website.

Therefore, candidates must upload their CVs and fill out the online application form while creating a user account.

You need to apply on the official website, because, after COVID-19, the company encourages job seekers to submit their applications online rather than in person.

The majority of job advertisements receive applications one month after they publish, so, we can clearly understand that the application process can take from 15 to 30 days.

2. Assessment test:

The Assessment Test is the second step of the Emirates Airlines’ Crew recruitment procedure. It includes several evaluations such as English tests, psycho assessments, physical fitness, and appearance ratings, among others.

3. Interview;

The interview can take place online or in person, and the interviewers may ask you a range of questions about your prior experience, education, abilities, expertise, and behaviors.

Since preparation is the key to success everyone should prepare very well before attending interviews.

Prior to the interview, you should practice at home what you will say and how you will respond to the questions.

Practicing potential interview questions can boost your confidence and enable you to provide responses that flow more naturally.

For cabin crew, interview questions click here

4. Relocation;

After successfully passing the interview the last phase is relocation, the company will provide you with a visa, work permit, labor card, etc. The majority of crew members, excluding ground employees, must relocate to UAE.

The recruitment procedure is free because the employer will cover all costs involved with recruiting the employees.

If you looking for a career at Emirates Group, I recommend the official job portal of this company and Dnata for ground operations workers.

The entire recruitment procedure for Emirates airline crew and ground operation employees takes at least one month to three months.

Other factors, like company business, the performance of the global airline industries, and company earnings, can impact the duration of the continuous recruitment process.

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