ASSD meaning in UAE and security training


What is ASSD meaning in UAE?

ASSD is the Axillary Security Service Department which is another name of PSCOD (Private Security Company Organization Department).

Why did the ASSD security training start in NSI?

The private security companies’ organization department which is security support of the ministry of the interior launched the “Smart Training System” and updated its website. The new private security course concentrated primarily on technological competencies rather than on conventional security skills in PSCOD training previously.

Most importantly, The training has focused to promote smart services with advance technology. The new systems is going to incorporate in the private security industries that are the strategic goals of the ministry of the interior.

The Departments also rename itself the Axillary Security Services Department “ASSD,” equivalent roles as PSCOD. Under this structure, the “security operations level-3” curriculum added in the basic security guard training. I hope you might be clear about ASSD meaning in UAE now let’s talk about the new training.

The New training and the rename of the Department were introduced in Ajman during the meeting between PSCOD officers, strategic partners and representatives of security companies.

What is new in the ASSD security Training in UAE?

Although the PSCOD guard training in NSI contains most of the security skills this security operational training level, 3 has included various smart services which are as follow;

  1. Internal messaging system: in order to enhance the speed of communication and information transmission, from the security guard to the control room as well as the highest monitoring department the internal messaging system is in the practice.
  2. Remote work system: However, the security guards do not work remotely from home, they will use the system which can increase the level of productivity and satisfaction of the employees and dealers.
  3. Special command and control system: This system has various command chains from ASSDSecurity control roomsecurity guard. The communication will flow from a security guardto the control roomASSD, similarly, from ASSDto the control roomsecurity guard.
  4. Comprehensive smart training: It is an integrated training system for the private security guard candidates within a professional qualification of level 3. The training will contribute to the rehabilitation of the guard, on the other hand, attracts national cadres to work in a private security company.
  5. Licensing website: in the first place, this initiative helped to bring the modern system in private security company, second place, has developed the licensing website with the key information about services and delivers them quickly and quality.

What topics are new in assd exam 2020?

(A)- Module 1– FirstAid
(B)- Module 2– Fire Safety
(C)- Module 3– Health and Safety – OHS
(D)- Module 4– Security roles and responsibilities
(E)- Module 5– Control room operations
(F)- Module 6– Patrolling
(G)- Module 7– Observation & note-taking
(H)- Module 8– Traffic management
(I)- Module 9– Vehicle searching
(J)- Module 10– Person searching
(K)- Module 11– Access control
(L)- Module 12– Conflict management
(M)- Module 13– Critical incident response
(N)- Module 14– Cash in transit
(O)- Module 15– Bank security
(P)- Module 16– Hospital security
(Q)- Module 17– Special event security
(R)- Module 18– Ports, Airports&borders security
(S)- Module 19– Critical Infrastructure
(T)- Module 20– Museums security

Conclusion: After introducing the ASSD system in the private security companies PSCOD has aimed to enhance its efforts for providing a high level of services to the public and developed the system which can meet the innovative initiative of the UAE government.

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