All You Need To Know About UAE Golden Visa Benefits.


The UAE offers a long-term visa valid for ten years to foreign citizens who wish to enter the country. This visa refers to as the Golden visa in the UAE. Whether you are a UAE resident or not, you can apply for this visa and enjoy the full range of UAE Golden Visa benefits.

What is a golden visa in the United Arab Emirates?

It is a ten-year long-term resident visa introduced by the UAE government in 2019, since then, many professionals in various fields have been granted.

Who is eligible for a golden visa in the UAE?

Although the visa was initially intended for investors and high-level professionals, nowadays its scope has gradually increased. Investors, entrepreneurs, doctors, coders, outstanding students, and specialists in other sectors can be awarded this visa.

The process of the golden visa in the UAE;

An individual can apply for UAE golden visa online on the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA) website. The authorities in charge of the golden visa would decide whether or not the applicant is eligible.

Despite the predefined criteria, The government may grant a golden visa to a foreign individual without requiring a formal application if they are well-known in the UAE and have made significant contributions to the UAE government and people.

For example; Celebrities who have received the golden visa for the UAE include Lebanese singer Najwa Karam, Hollywood star Shah Rukh Khan, popular chef Izu Ani, fashion influencer Ola Farahat and many others.

How to apply for UAE Golden Visa?

Simply visit the ICA website or download the ICA app on your phone and navigate to the golden visa application section, where you need to enter the essential information and upload the required documents.

The authority will determine whether to issue a golden visa or not to the applicant; this process may take up to 30 days from the date of the application’s submission.

When your application approves, you will receive a one-month temporary visa if you are a UAE resident and need to convert your current visa to a golden visa.

If you have submitted your application outside the United Arab Emirates. You can enter this country within 6 months and receive a golden visa stamp in your passport on arrival.

What is the golden visa UAE price?

There are two types of golden visas available in the UAE: a five-year visa for exceptional students costs AED 650, while a ten-year visa costs AED 1150 for investors, entrepreneurs, and experts in specific fields.

UAE Golden Visa Benefits;

  1. Golden visa holders do not need to renew their visa every two years, as other visas are. The visa is valid for 5 or 10 years and can renew on its expire.
  2. Since the visa allows multiple entries, you can enter the country and leave for another country as many times as you wish.
  3. The golden visa holder can bring their families members including, a wife, children, and guardian (father and mother).
  4. You can look for a job and work for the company if it hires you. The process of hiring and obtaining a work permit for golden visa holders is the same as for other visa holders.
  5. The golden visa holders can start a business in the UAE mainland and free zones with full ownership without involving the local partners.
  6. The visa is not expensive, it costs AED 650 and 1150 for a five-year and ten-year visa, respectively.
  7. The golden visa allows the visa holder to live, work, and do business legally in the UAE.
  8. This visa is not available to all UAE residents and foreign nationals; the golden visa holders enjoy a special approach to the communities.

The golden visa program includes those working in areas of research and knowledge, such as doctors, specialists, scientists, and Investors, as well as creative individuals working in culture and art.

Citizenship and golden visas are not the same things in the UAE, as citizenship can grant by the government or royal court officials, however, golden visas applications can submit by the individuals and visa grants from the UAE immigration.

The above are the benefits of a UAE golden visa, and those who have received the golden visa should consider themselves fortunate because it permits them to enter, remain, work, and do business in the UAE with high social status.


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