accountant salary in Dubai from 2020-2021


The UAE is the country with ex-pats accounting and finance experts who have filled the vacant roles within multinational corporations. As we talk about the accountant salary in Dubai 2020, the accountant profession who has certain qualifications and experience can negotiate on the attractive salary package with the employer company.

The thriving startup 2020 and positive business trend in the companies they have needed experience accounting professionals but 33% are struggling to find the qualified talent in the market.

For securing the best accountancy roles the candidates should have experience in the advisory roles and expert in the financial process.

According to our research, the management accounts and commercial accountants are both high demand job for 2020.

The candidates with the qualification of ACCA, CIMA, and ACA are the preferred candidates for most employment companies. The employers are looking for a professional with experience from 3 to 5 years.

Fluency in English and Arabic or both are also highly requested skills for the accounting profession. As the business goes digitalization the financial sector has heavily affected by the lack of qualified accountants who can handle the new technology.

Other essential skills for the professional are excellent communication skills along with advance interpersonal skills.

Accountant salary in UAE.

The account salary in the UAE also depends on the company size, large companies are more generous for offering a higher salary while SME is typically negotiating on lower pays.

A chief account can earn US$ 135000 in the SME due to the recent rise in startups within the UAE while in the large organization chief account can earn up to US$ 140,000.

The management accounts for more than 5 years’ experience will get more salary in the SME than the large organization. In Small and Medium Enterprises, management accounts can earn up to US$79,300 while the large company offers US$ 75,300.

For those who have less than 5yrs experience,  salary between US$ 61400 and US$ 99400 in the SME or smaller business and there is a higher salary if they choose the larger organization.

The accountant payable/ receivable will earn more salary in the large organization rather than the small one.

For the accounting roles, the employers offer the training and other remuneration packages, 41% of the companies offer attractive extra packages along with the salary. Flexible working hours also another benefit for these roles.

Popular skills and Salary.

Avg. Monthly Salary Of entry-level account- Experience;

  • General Ledger Accounting = US$ 1625
  • Accounts Payable = US$ 15888
  • Financial Reporting = US$ 16494
  • Accounts Receivable = US$ 15879
  • Microsoft Excel = US$ 13207
  • Senior Accountant = US$ 4628 – 49550
  • Finance Manager = US$ 8167 – 103457
  • Financial Controller = US$ 11162 – 131227
  • General Accountant = US$ 1089 – 28042
  • Assistant Accountant = US$ 1089 – 31581
  • Financial Analyst = US$ 2178- 83582

Chief Accountant = US$ 2994 – 56357

What affects the accountant salary

  • Experience Affects Accountant Salaries
  • Skills That Affect Accountant Salaries
  • Companies size affects Account salaries
  • Nationality that affects account Salaries.

Conclusion: Despite many factors affects the accountant salary in Dubai you would get a good salary package whether smaller or larger organization. For the person with the above skills and experience, does not have difficulty to find the job in Dubai job market.

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