A Complete Guide To Teaching Jobs in the UAE


Teaching Jobs in the UAE can find everywhere, from big cities to the ruler’s territory. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are hotspots for teaching opportunities in the Gulf region.

If you are a qualified teacher and looking for opportunities in the United Arab Emirates this blog can be the great interest to you.

The UAE is a cosmopolitan country that provides a high standard of education and job opportunities for people who aspire to pursue a career as a teacher.

The UAE’s population has dramatically increased over the last decade, with the rapid expansion of the children population, many local and international schools and institutions have been established.

There is a significant demand for experienced foreign teachers in Dubai, particularly with the recent increase in the number of new school students due to the baby boom.

With so many schools in Dubai, there are a high number of teaching jobs available, including those at senior secondary schools, vocational schools, kindergartens, and even universities.

Many teaching positions in the UAE rely on foreign teachers as international institutions prefer to hire talent from elsewhere because the local population is unable to meet the demand.

What Is The Salary?

Salaries in the UAE are competitive, but the starting salaries for school teachers in the emirate maybe some of the highest in the world.

Starting salaries are particularly high for individuals with years of expertise in the teaching field, but not everyone gets such a high salary at the beginning.

Hiring, skilled foreign teachers to teach students in the United Arab Emirates has economic benefits for the institution.

A teacher with several years of experience teaching students of all ages will often earn more than someone with only a year or two of experience.

Scope of teaching jobs in the United Arab Emirates

As a teaching professional, you can pursue careers in the private and public sectors. Since both sectors require a large number of teachers each year. You may not face stiff competition for a job.

Private Sector: Although many people love to work in the public sector, Private institution also offers some advantages for those with teaching credentials.

In some areas of UAE, private schools are quite well-developed and they offer special packages to the international teachers that include lodging, travel, and family visas, among other things.

Many of these schools are willing to hire international teachers with teaching experience or language skills that are valued in the global marketplace.

Public Sector: On the other hand, if you’re looking for a job in the public sector, you will find that the teaching jobs in the United Arab Emirates are fairly limited compare to the private sector.

Many government schools house a large number of teachers, and many schools have a recruitment policy that prioritizes candidates from within the country; however, if talents are not available in the local market, they go to other countries.

How to look for a teaching job in UAE?

Looking for a teaching job in the United Arab Emirates? It is not difficult to find, but first and foremost, you should always look for possibilities in the leading educational institutions in the UAE.

There are plenty of good schools around, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi but don’t neglect the opportunities in neighboring emirates such as Sharjah and Ras al Khaimah, because these places also offer more to the international teachers.

If you want to find a good job teaching in Dubai, first have to get familiarized with the recruitment process and the ways to submit your CV, otherwise, it would be pretty much useless.

There could be different ways people used to search for a job in the United Arab Emirates, but, here are some most effective methods that may work for everyone.

  1. Work with a recruitment agency;

Many recruitment agencies offer job placement services to help graduates and post-graduates to find a permanent position in teaching.

Working with recruiting firms in the UAE is a good idea if you are searching for a career in a high-level position. Large firms prefer to outsource recruitment agencies for recruiting new employees in the UAE.

If you are already in the United Arab Emirates work with some recruitment agencies so that they can inform you when available vacancies meet your criteria.

Additionally, a recruitment firm assists you in creating your CV and guides you through the interview process.

2. Search online;

Numerous online job portals exist in the United Arab Emirates that can alert you when a school or institution advertises job opportunities on its website.

You can explore job listings on the job portal regularly and apply when a position matches your qualifications and expectations.

If you prefer to apply directly for teaching jobs in the UAE, the simplest way to do so is to visit the schools’ and universities’ websites and look for vacant positions in the career section.

Applying for a job through the company website is more secure than applying through a job portal, so check out if the job has published on the company website as well as the employment portal.

3. Strong presence on social media;

In recent years, social media has become an integral part of people’s life; while social media enables people to interact, it also helps people to find employment.

The majority of human resource managers have indicated that they like to view an applicant’s social media profile to gauge his or her attitude.

A professional presence on social media could help you to land a career in the most prominent organization.

Additionally, you can associate with individuals who are working in the firm that you desire to apply to. If the position is vacant, they may inform you.

Through social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, you can communicate with the company’s human resources manager who is responsible for hiring.

4. Online teaching;

You can Enroll in one of the many online teaching jobs in the UAE. Online teaching is extremely popular in the United Arab Emirates after COVID 19 pandemic, with many recruiters relying on qualified professionals to supplement the workforce at schools in Dubai.

The majority of schools and recruitment agencies offer online teaching job in the United Arab Emirates.

5. Recommendation of relative and family members;

If a relative or family member works at a school or university, they may inform you about the opening. Additionally, can recommend you for the position. According to research, word of mouth fills 50% of positions in the UAE.

For English teacher

You should possess the necessary qualifications to apply for English teaching jobs in the UAE. To be eligible, you must have a teaching degree from an accredited university and a genuine certificate.

Once you are sure you have all the appropriate documentation, you should consider applying directly for one of the teaching jobs in the UAE.

Applying directly can often be more convenient since you do not oblige the recruitment agencies.

If you can get a job on your own, you will also have more control over the working hours and working environment.

Finally, once you have received a visa, you can start looking for jobs as soon as possible in other educational institutions in UAE.

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