What you should know about multi-professional solutions?


The multi-professional solutions SLR in Romania is a staffing agency established at the end of 2007. Since its inception, the company has employed non-EU citizens, primarily from Asian countries such as Nepal, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.

As Romanian citizens prefer to work in other Western EU countries due to higher pay, local businesses are experiencing a shortage of unskilled workers in the markets.

In order to address national labor shortages Multi professional solutions recruits and places foreign workers in its partnered businesses.

According to the company, it has already hired more than 3,000 foreign nationals and placed them in various companies across the country.

What are the services of multi-professional solutions?

Similar to other staffing agencies, it conducts the recruitment process and provides manpower to local job markets. Multi-professional solutions’ services are as follows;

What types of employees does multi-professional solutions recruit?

If they are Romanian, MPS recruits all types of employees, but the following positions are popular for foreign workers:

  • Hospitality –  skilled personnel for hotels, restaurants, beauty and massage salons
  • Industrial sector – textiles, auto, recycling, and production workers
  • Agriculture workers
  • Constructions workers
  • FMCG Stokers

How do multi-professional solutions work?

First, the MPS receives the labor requirements from its business partners. Depending on whether the company prefers local or foreign workers. MPS organizes the recruitment event accordingly.

If the business partners require a local workforce, the MPS recruits them locally by placing job advertisements in national newspapers, job boards, and on its website.

If they want to hire relatively cheap workers from Non-EU nations. Multi-professional sends laborer demand to staffing agencies in different countries. These agencies and MPS may have previously reached an agreement on labor recruitment.

The workers might be interviewed online, or the company’s recruitment expert can travel to the country where they are employing the candidates.

The candidates who passed the interviews must submit the necessary documentation to the Manpower agencies for the immigration process.

Foreign workers who have obtained Romanian entry permits are able to enter the country and work without limitation.

How long does it take to obtain a work visa for Romania?

Foreign nationals require a work permit and long-term visa to live and work in Romania legally.

  1. Employers in Romania must apply for work permits on behalf of non-EU employees. Romanian labor law restricts employees from applying for work permits on their own.
  2.  The Inspectorate General for Immigration (IGI) is responsible for requesting additional documentation or issuing a work permit to foreign nationals within 30days. The time frame of the process may be extended by 15 days if additional documentation is required.
  3. The work permit will issue to the respective employees once the application approves by the IGI.
  4. You must submit an application for a long-term visa to the Romanian diplomatic mission or consular office in your home country. The 60 days have been allowed as a window for the employee to apply for a long-term visa after receiving a work permit from IGI.
  5. When the visa is approved by the Romanian Embassy in your country, you will fly to Romania. The employees from multi-professional solutions will meet you at the international airport.

Is Romania multi professional solution legal?

So far, we’ve learned that the company has a history of hiring junior-level staff from Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, and other nations.

You should conduct your own research to identify the genuine employment firm because today’s genuine staffing agency may turn to fraud tomorrow, so, you should not depend fully on only one article or on the company website.

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