What you need to know about the top glove sdn bhd?


Top glove Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian rubber gloves manufacturing company that was founded in 1991.

The founding father of this organization is Tan Sri. Lim Wee-Chai is Malaysia’s most prominent businessman and richest person.

After listing on the Bursa Islamic Capital Markets in Malaysia, a previously privately held organization has become public limited and is also listed on the Singapore share market.

How big the top glove company is?

Top Glove’s headquarter is located in Selangor – Shah Alam in Malaysia, but it also has offices in the United States of America, Germany, Brazil, China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

As of 28 February 2022, Top Glove had a shareholder fund of RM6.95 billion and revenue of RM1.45 billion in the second quarter of 2022.

The company operates 812 production lines in 50 factories and exports to 195 countries with a customer base of 2000.

As the world’s largest manufacturer of rubber gloves, it accounts for 26% of the world’s glove market. Each year, 100 billion gloves are manufactured and distributed throughout the world.

The company began with only 100 employees and a single production line, but it has since grown to employ over 22,000 people, both migrant and local.

What does a top glove Sdn bhd produce?

Although the company’s primary product is rubber gloves for medical uses now it has produced the other non-medical products related to the hygiene as follows;

  1. Rubber gloves
  2.  Face masks,
  3.  Dental dams,
  4. Condom
  5. Toothpaste
  6. Shampoo
  7. Anti-bacterial clean liquid
  8. Hand wash
  9. Sanitizers
  10. Exercise band

What are the compensations top glove employees receive?

  • Salary: The company pays your salary on time, and the salary offered to its employees meets the Malaysian government’s minimum wage policy, which is MR 1500, as of May 1, 2022.
  • Vacation and leave: Unless there is an emergency at home, you may get a 2- to 3-month vacation after completing your three-year contract. The Malaysian workers will take the leave in accordance with the country’s labor laws.
  • Overtime: Working with this organization may provide you with numerous overtime opportunities.

as the company may rush to meet the customer’s deadline for product delivery. It requests you to conduct overtime each and every day.

If you want to earn more money doing overtime, there is no better company than it in Malaysia.

  • Transportation and lodging: The company offers complimentary transportation and lodging facilities.
  • Subsidize food offered during duty hours.
  • Each year, all employees receive bonuses based on their position within the organization.
  • A local worker is eligible for company share bonuses.

What is the workplace culture?

In comparison to other Malaysian organizations, the work environment at the top glove is better.

As the company imports migrant workers from East and South Asia, you may occasionally encounter cultural differences during your first few weeks on the job, but you will learn to integrate with them over time.

Since the company has many manufacturing plants throughout Malaysia, you may get the opportunity to work in another state or plant, so, you may see new places and gain new work experience.

How to look for a job in top glove Sdn bhd?

If you are a foreign national, you should be hired in your home country. Top glove hires migrant workers annually from India, Nepal, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Indonesia, among others.

If there is a demand for workers in your country, contact a manpower agency that works with Top Gloves, give an interview with a company representative, and be selected.

If you are a Malaysian national, you can apply for jobs online through the company’s official job portal by clicking here.

When you apply for a position on top glove’s website, the HR department may contact you for an interview.


Top glove Sdn Bhd is a great place to work for both Malaysians and foreigners. As the largest organization in Malaysia, it has provided employment to over 20,000 people worldwide.

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