What Is Today’s Gold Rate in Dubai?


The Gold rate in Dubai continuously fluctuating. The most recent gold rate update occurred a few hours ago when it was announced that the price of gold has been fixed at AED 213.50 for 24K.

The most latest report comes from the DGJG (Dubai Gold and Jewelry Group), one of Dubai’s largest spot bullion exchanges.

This article provides you with the most recent information on gold rates in Dubai as well as predictions for the future.

What is the gold rate in Dubai?

The Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange (DGCX) determines the price of gold in Dubai. The exchange offers daily price updates for gold and silver, called ‘Live Gold’ and ‘Live Silver,’ respectively.

This way, the price of gold is always up to date and in sync with the most recent pricing. As shown in the table below,

live gold rate in Dubai;

Gold price in Dubai

The gold price in Dubai should be compared to gold prices around the world. A very high gold price indicates that there is a huge demand for gold.

The UAE is not a big exporter of gold but there is a large demand from jewelry stores, investment companies, and people who like to spend their money on gold jewelry and watches.

How is the price of gold calculated?

The price of gold is determined based on the last fix of the global gold spot price. This is determined by the producers of the physical gold and the owners of the gold bars and coins.

What to Expect for the Future

Gold rates in Dubai have been really unpredictable lately. Some days the gold rates have gone up significantly and then the next day the price had dropped considerably.

This trend seems to be continuing as we are facing another quiet day right now and gold rates are currently set at AED 213.50 for 24K.

So what are the chances that the price of gold is going to jump today? Not very likely,

In the coming days, the price of gold is likely to remain volatile due to another extremely low trading volume.

So, do not delay in purchasing gold at the best time. Make a strategy now for what you want to purchase with your gold and when you want to purchase it. Ensure that you do not fall behind in the game.

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