Top 20 Web hosting company in Dubai and UAE 2019

Whether you want to grow your business online or you want to start a personal blog, you need a good hosting service. Finding out the trust web hosting company in Dubai is tricky because everyone calls them are the best. So, this post will give you information regarding the Top 20 best Web hosting company in UAE.

The United Arab Emirate is one of the countries which hosts millions of web sites and domains register annually. Dubai has become a regional hub in IT, website design and technology.

90% of UAE residents are using the website for getting the information. Majorities of the companies have started online services, internet marketing and selling the goods through the internet.

Since the more companies push their business activities online the Webhosting service business also boomed. Nowadays there are numerous companies have been providing hosting services and supporting their customers online.

Every company describes they are a success in the quality of hosting and rank at the top of the others. When you visit the website of hosting companies, you would think it is the best Web hosting organization because of its impressive website design.

Many people find difficult, to figure out about a good Web hosting company because every company has an agreeable Website and enticing offer to the customers.

You would find another story when you go into the depths of the Dubai hosting companies. Many companies are not successful in many ways. If so then, how can we know which company is better than others?

Why should we not choose cheap web hosting in UAE?

Most of the people look for the cheap Web hosting company in Dubai, but, they don’t know newly start-up organization in the hosting business offers the appealing hardware configuration and server performance at a reasonable price.

However, it is unsure how their network will handle when the visitors’ increase in the website and could they able to address the security issues of the customers’ websites.

The well-established hosting providers look a bit expensive, however, they are succeeded in several times of the test and continuously deliver the good services to the clients.

In this blog, I will share the top 20 web hosting companies in Dubai as well as all over the UAE.  Some hosting companies are highly renowned for their excellent service and resolving the issues with the knowledge of technology and decade of experience in this field.

Not only companies hosting the websites that are registered in UAE but also they have succeeded in attracting the regional and worldwide customers.

Top Web hosting company in Dubai

  1. Aeserver

In 2005, AEserver Dubai was launched as the domain registrar and hosting provider in the UAE; many people did not know about website hosting and domain register when it founded.

AEserver services:

Domain registration,
Website hosting
Email hosting and
Website designing.

There is nothing compare to the AE server if you look at the Dubai based web hosting company with the great support team and the competent customer service. You wanna AE Server full Review?.

2. Buziness Ware

It is one of the oldest and largest web hosting companies with its one data center headquartered in Dubai. In 2002 it was founded as the retail Web-hosting companies but now it has become the most critical cloud services provider to the government and non-government organizations in the UAE.


Domains register
Web Hosting
Cloud Hosting
WordPress Hosting
Optimized CMS
All-in-One eCommerce Hosting

3. Host Sailor

The host Sailor has established itself in the UAE as the reliable VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, domain register,  and SSL certificates provider. Its local database has integrated with world-class technology.

Not only the company provides the highest quality sever performance but also they are highly focused on customer support.

4. U.A.E.SOL

If you are looking for a company that has own data server based in the UAE one of it is UAE SOL. It is one of the top companies in UAE offering the best quality service with robust and excellent support.

Both UAE or Netherland based servers provide the 99.9 percent up-time that means your website would not down easily. It offers dedicated, VPS and shared hosting packages to its national and international customers.

5. is not the local companies but it has been staying at the top of the hosting market in the UAE. The company was established in 2005 in Poland since then it has been offering free and paid subscription plans in the deal of domain registration and VPS hosting.

The global support team provides services to a broad spectrum of nations few of them are Poland as well as Russia, Ukraine, and the Arab countries.

If you are looking for the cheapest web hosting and domain registration companies in the UAE. can be the affordable Web hosting provider for your website. The services it offers

  • Domain registration
  • Shared and VPS hosting
  • Dedicates server
  • Website designing

6. Alwafaa Group

The Alwafaa Group is an ISO 2008 certified company and pioneer of the IT solution in the United Arab Emirates. It is a google certified partner, that’s why people trust it much compared to the thousands of Web hosting providers in this country.

Being the leading IT company in Dubai it has been working in various spectrum like software development, apps developing, website design and development of digital marketing and Web-hosting services.


It is one of the hosting company originated in the Ras Al Khaimah in 2009. Since the last 10 yrs, Tasjeel has served its customers in multiple areas, such as domain registrar, reliable and fast Webhosting, UAE based cloud and data management servers. I love their professional support services and sophisticated website designing.

Just like other local companies in the UAE, it has also approval .aeDA accredited registrar from the UAE government. When you work with them you can utilize their services at the least prices compare to the other local competitors.

  • Domain registrar and transferred
  • Hosting services
      • WordPress hosting
      • Cloud hosting
      • Web hosting

8. eHosting DataFort

eHosting DataFort (eHDF) is a business division of the MIDIS group, which is a leading IT supplier in more than 150 countries with 5000 employees over the EU, Asia, and the Middle east.

In the United Arab Emirates, this company provides the Managed and Dedicated Web Hosting Services from T3 Data Centers in the UAE.

eHDF is a regional leader in providing Private Cloud solutions through a reliable infrastructure to the individuals, privates organizations and government bodies.

The company has certified to ISO 9001 / 20000 / 22301 / 27001 also obtained Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) STAR Certification, becoming the 1st company in the region to achieve the most valuable certificate it has been working with corporate level of private companies and multiple department of the UAE government.

If you manage your site on their hosting packages you would be benefited from 24/7 support and guaranteed uptime server

9. Web oasis provides the cheapest Domain registration in the UAE. .AE,.QA. and. ME to top-level Domains like. COM and. NET at a minimal cost. The process of registration is easy and quick without any hassle. Their hosting service is powered by a Linux server which enables your website to live online without a single downtime.

The backup team and UAE based data server you would feel your website is in your home. Although they look like a little bit expensive you would know what you are paying for, is your satisfaction.

The different hosting options are available you can choose one of them which is perfect for your website and business.

10. MilesWeb

Milesweb is the fastest-growing company in the hosting industry by today it was founded in India with a group of tech individuals including  Deepak Kori, Chetan Mahale & Chinmay Dingore.

The comprehensive and dynamic web hosting company was founded in India only for focusing the Indian customer but now it has been popular in many parts of the world.

The users from the UAE also highly appreciate the performance of their state art technology server and 24/7 quick dedication support from a young and talented team of this company.

The company provides three types of hosting packages for example shared, VPS and reseller. Although different hosting plans come with the different costs they all are remarkable because anyone can afford them.

11. Injazat

Injazat is solely owned by the Mubadala an investment agency the Government of Abu Dhabi. It is the only public IT company backed by the Abu Dhabi government and Mostly the company provides open stack cloud services in the GCC in public services. The private companies or the individuals are also able to host their website and data, if they are willing to pay for it.

12. GCC Web Hosting Dubai,

Gulf hosting an IT solution is a leading company in the sector of successful web designing and development. I have been knowing this company for many years as a good website designer. Now they have already become famous for providing the best and cost-effective hosting solutions for your business website or individuals.

The organization offers you various web hosting plans, in addition, SMS marketing, email marketing, and digital advertisement.

13. Sky hosts

If you are looking for the domain registration and web hosting services for your blog, business website, Sky host can be the best choice. Since it has approval from the UAE government to register of “.Ae domain”, it has become the most chosen for the country’s domain registrar organization.

The services they are providing are Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, WordPress, VPS, and Dedicated Servers, the most impressive part of their hosting is to offer a free domain.

14. Temok

Although it is not old like Aeserver and buziness ware in the hosting industries in Dubai it has been leading in cost-effective and fantastic cloud hosting services in the middle east.

Teamok has headquartered in Dubai but providing server locations from UK, USA, and EU according to the client’s needs. When it comes to customer care it is providing the superior support services, advice, and guidance to every customer in 24/7hrs.

The product Temok offers to its customer around the world are;

  • Dedicated Servers
  • DigitalOcean Cloud
  • Magento Cloud
  • Amazon Cloud (AWS)
  • PHP Cloud
  • Laravel Cloud
  • Drupal Cloud
  • Joomla Cloud
  • Prestashop Cloud
  • WooCommerce Cloud
  • Managed WordPress Cloud
  • Linux Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • Linux SEO Hosting
  • Domains
  • Linux Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Windows Virtual private server
  • Seedboxes
  • Proxies
  • VPN
  • SSL
  • Windows Shared Hosting

15. Crazy Domains NZ

The Crazy Domain is another cost-effective domain registrar and hosting provider in the United Arab Emirates. If you are looking for the cheap Webhosting crazy domain can be a fantastic organization to bring your website live.

It is cheap but there are some of the complaints from the users about their customer services. The crazy domains offer you the following services at reasonable prices.

  •  Register and Transfer Domain
  • Hosting Services
    • Web Hosting
    • WordPress Hosting
    • Linux Servers (VPS)
    • Custom Servers
    • DNS Hosting
    • Transfer Hosting
    • Windows Servers (VPS)

16. Kako Host

Cocao Host is an Iran based website hosting and domain registrar, it is one of the popular hosting solutions for the Arab nations because it provides services in Arabic that is helpful for the people who are not proficient at writing, speaking and reading of the English language.

Being the top chosen web hosting company from Arabic speaking customers the company services are including as;

  • domestic and Overseas Servers,
  • Domestic and International Domain Registration,
  • Dedicated Servers from Iran and Europe and America,
  • Virtual Servers from Iran and Europe, and America,
  • Windows hosts Iran and abroad,
  • download hosts,
  • SSL security certificates,
  • SMS and web hosting agencies in Iran and abroad

17. Domainracer

If you are Indian national or any other south Asian the Domainracer can be the suitable Webhosting company for you because it is an Indian company based in India but providing services all over the world on 24/7hrs.

Domainracer provides you with shared, reseller, VPS Linux and Windo VPS hosting at affordable prices.

The Customer service staff are fully trained to offer the best services to the customers from small scale websites to Enterprise level. When we talk about the server speed of this organization 20× faster and 99% uptime. The domain you can register with them .com, .in, .org etc.

18. Godaddy

Godaddy is one of the popular and trustworthy companies for domain registration. Although it is not a UAE based organization you can register your domain on its website by making an online payment.

It’s not much longer than 5yrs, it has been providing hosting services to the clients who subscribe to their cost-effective hosting packages and with a high-quality server.  You can host your WordPress website and it is available of both shared and VPS hosting.

The group’s people who had hosted their website in GoDaddy, in the past, they used to express their bitter experiences on its poor customer services. The result for that the management of these companies took action against the employees who are not forming the jobs as customer need. There is a lot of improvement in their customer services nowadays.

19. Cloudways

Cloudways is new, but, very excellent cloud hosting platform for the user around the world including UAE as well as users from the gulf region. The company provides fully customized hosting packages and integrated server with top tech companies in the world.

You can choose one of the best plans for your web site according to your needs, here are the options available: DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, Amazone data center and google cloud. The cloud hosting starts from $10-$80 per month and all the plan come with;

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free SSL
  • Built-in CDN
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Staging Environment
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches
  • Auto Healing
  • Regular Security Patching
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • SSH and SFTP Access

20. Blue host 

It is one of the most friendly hosting platforms for WordPress users. WordPress also recommends it for its CMS users. If you want to use the WordPress content management system to your website it is highly recommended.

Although its prime target for the WordPress websites it provides the VPS and Dedicated web hosting plan according to the user preferences.

Conclusion: The business website, blogs, and online news portal require a good web hosting platform to perform online speedily. If you are in UAE and looking for the hosting company that is reliable and cost-effective you should chose one of the above 20 best Web hosting companies in Dubai and UAE.

The site performance does matter for your website ranking in the search engine, so it is very important thing for you to pick up the right hosting company to make your website live online.

The website and hosting server are technical matters, it can not be said the problem will not happen. So, I highly recommend the UAE base company rather than different countries because you can reach out to them by email, support ticket even telephone call.

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