study and work in dubai, here is how you can do?

Dubai ranks 5th in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, and Australia among the international students searching for study opportunities abroad. The international student has chosen Dubai not just for the world-class university but also they can earn some money from study and work in Dubai.

Dubai is one of the successful cities in the pan Arabia region. It is 10yrs ahead of many factors compared to the other cities in the GCC. The mystery behind the miracle success of Desert city is adapting the western-style development, especially coming from the USA.

When we talk about only a few years before, there were not many international schools, education institutions, colleges, and Universities. Now there are hundreds of world-class universities in Dubai which attract thousands of international students every year.

The US, Australia, UK and Canda which considered the world education powerhouse have already allowed the student to work while study. Dubai also followed this initiative and change in part-time work regulation in 2016 which allows the students to work with the private company after getting the part-time work permit from the respective department.

Before the new regulation, the students did not allow to study and wok in Dubai except the internship program where students gain some work experience and learn skills practically but they do not earn any money from there.

How many hours you can work part-time while studying in Dubai? 

As per the new regulation, you can work up to 15 hours a week or 60 hours a month at the time of your semester is in session. During the summer breaks or the academic session is not in progress you can work up to 40 hours per week and 160 hours per month.

Where you can work part-time in Dubai as a student?

There are a lot of opportunities for international students to work part-timely throughout the study because of the university and the government created zones help them to seek for a job.
  1. Working opportunities in Free zones

One of the biggest players for encouraging the privates companies to hire talent from the university is DCCA ( Dubai Creative Cluster Authority) which is the region’s first governmental free zone regulator.

The nine free zones are under DCCA jurisdiction and about the 6 thousand private firms are doing the day to day business activities over there. Students who enroll in the academic session of universities can work part-time in the 9 free-zone companies that are under the rules of DCCA.

The universities must get the license from the DCCA to send their student for work in the privates firm those have run the business in the free zones.

2. Working opportunities in Universities;

Not only the Dubai universities help the students to get part-time work in the privates’ industries but also provides them working opportunities in a different department on the campus including the libraries, account and administrative as well.

3. Studying while working in Dubai;

This is possible in Dubai if you want to increase your education level and achieved the higher degrees from universities in Dubai even though you have working visa and full-time job.

Many campuses in Dubai offer evening and weekend classes for students who are pursuing master’s degrees in business and computer science. If you want to get a postgraduate degree can attend the weekend or the evening classes.

Not all the Dubai university offer the evening learning for the students who are undergraduate. However, some universities in the knowledge village have these types of the package you can pursue your bachelors or the graduated degree by working at day and attending the evening and weekend classes.

4. Working as a freelancer;

This is the age of the internet you can work and earn from your home in your free time. As a student in Dubai, you can earn decent money from your room by completing the freelancing tasks.

Since many companies in Dubai relates to IT, Networking, web and software developer love to hire distance employees to do the work done you have the great chance to get part-time jobs online.

In order to do free-lance work with Dubai-based companies, you need to obtain a work permit from the ministry of labor to work lawfully and take legal action against those who violate the ministry degrees.

How much you will get pay while studying and working in Dubai?

It depends on the company that hires you but most industries in Dubai Academic City and Knowledge Village offer the students starting 20-40dhs per hour.

Although you will unable to earn a lot of money working and studying in Dubai you can some that can cover your tuition fees and personal expenses.

How to get a part-time work permit in UAE?

As I said before you must get the part-time work permit from the ministry of labor whether you want to work fulltime or Part-time in the UAE.

The ministry of the labor which refers to MOHRE (Ministry Of Human Resource and Emiratisation) is the government body which is responsible for issuing the work permit and handling the labor-related complaint of the employers and employees.

To apply for the part-time work permit in UAE you can choose any of the method online or offline.

The offline services provided by the TASHEEL offices where all of your documents will be printed and process to the ministry.

If you want to go through this method visit the nearest TASHEEL office and submit the required documents, Tas Heel staff will process to the ministry for issuing the work permit.

Online or E-Services is another option for you to apply for the part-time work permit to the ministry. You can fill of the form and upload the requires documents on the MOHRE website after registering yourself as the user.

Once you have done the payment, within a working day the permit will deliver via email or to the TASHEEl office. Either way, you are getting the work permit from the Ministry Of the Human Resource and Emiratisation it allows you to work in UAE with privates or public organizations.

The Student Part-time Work Regulation allows creative talent to obtain valuable industry experience to complete their studies and to improve their job prospects.

Study and work in Dubai initiative has brought positive trends to the Universities in Dubai because it has increased significant numbers of international students to come, study and work in Dubai.

If you are an international student have the plan for overseas study put Dubai as an option if you are unable to go to the more advanced country.

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