RTA dubai careers, the process for being a taxi driver.

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The RTA, or Road and Transport Authority, is a department of the Dubai Government responsible for developing, implementing, and enforcing the traffic rules and regulations in Dubai. The RTA operates a variety of taxis, public buses, and metro fleets throughout Dubai. If you are looking for the RTA Dubai careers as a taxi driver here I have described the whole process for it.

There are various national and international public transportation firms, including Uber, but from a job standpoint, RTA may be the greatest choice because it is a government job, for one thing, and for another, you will be paid more than in private organizations.

Okay, let’s begin the process of becoming a cab driver in Dubai’s Road And Transportation Authority.

How to look for a job?

Every year, RTA holds one recruitment event in Dubai, and the job announcement is published in the UAE newspaper and web portal. Dubai careers is a government job portal you may find the RTA vacancies including taxi drivers.

If you are in UAE you can get the information regarding the taxi driver’s position at RTA from the above things.

Sometimes the RTA hires directly from a third nation, the recruiting agency in your country might play a vital role in giving information about the demand letter and interview arrangements.

How to apply for an RTA driver job?

As you get information regarding the RTA requirement, firstly where you are applying for.

If you are applying in your country then go to the manpower agency which is conducting the recruitment event.

If you are applying in Dubai then present yourself to Privilege Labor Recruitment Office Abu Hail Centre, Deira.

For those who are unable to physically attend the RTA, office, you can send your application and curriculum vitae to [email protected] or by WhatsApp at 055-5513890.

What are the requirements for a Taxi driver job at RTA?

Although there is no requirement for an educational degree to become a cab driver in the RTA, having completed at least high school can be advantageous.

You must have a minimum of two to five years of driving experience in Dubai or your home country.

Can I work as a taxi driver in RTA if I do not have a UAE driving license?

Yes, if you know how to drive and have a valid driver’s license from your home country or another one. RTA will train you in Dubai and apply for your Dubai driver’s license.

What is the RTA taxi driver’s salary?

Since it is the government’s job the compensation is obviously higher than the private sector. RTA pays you Dh2, 000 salary plus commission, health insurance, and accommodation.

It is one of the government agencies in Dubai which hires most of the employees from another country, so. You may get a chance.

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