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The Government of Oman has revised some administrative regulations that relate to expatriates worker in this country. The new regulation was issued by  Lt.Gen Hassan bin Mohsin Al-Shraiqi, Inspector-General of Police, and Customs. According to the new amendment, expatriate workers can Switch Job In Oman from one employer to another.

Since 2016, the Oman government has amended twice the current federal rules relating to foreign workers and their employers. Now, in this post, I ‘m going to provide you with vital information that can help if you want to change your employer and your current roles with other companies.

Oman, a small country next to the UAE, had a strong labour law, providing the foreign national with limited rights compared to UAE. However, it has slowly changed it labor law and followed the UAE route.

Expatriates workers have contributed to the economic growth of the gulf countries but they have been treating unfairly in the gulf region.

The worker who wants to move to another employer in Oman must meet the following terms and conditions;

Criteria change job in Oman 

  1. The New employer should have a license for the recruitment of foreign workers.
  2. the employment contract with the current employer must be expired or terminated.
  3. An employer must receive the approval to sign the contract with a new employee from the competent authority.
  4. The second employer must be in accordance with the law in the process of hiring the employee.
  5. A contract must sign between employees and employers in accordance with the executive regulation of Oman.

What about the family visa if you changed the job?

If the employer has brought their family member on the sponsor of the current or previous employer then it can change to the new employer when the employee job change condition has met with the labour law.

Where to live in this transition period?

The employee will stay with the first employer until the second employer completes the necessary documentation for obtaining the visa for the newly hired staff. In this period, if you are out of work, the first employer should also provide you the accommodation.

Conclusion: It is the great relief for the expatriate workers in Oman, previously, the law didn’t allow to change the job in Oman although they found a good job with some great companies. Please pay attention to the above requirement, whether you have met or not, before changing your job.

How to check your visa for Oman

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