Key points to Know about job loss insurance in UAE


The UAE government initiated a new social security program, and it went into effect in October 2022. The implementation of job loss insurance in the UAE is another move the UAE government has made to increase the competitiveness of its labor market in order to attract investors and job seekers from across the world.

Nobody can predict what will happen in the world economy, and no one can guarantee you a job in the face of a global slowdown.

While the company is making money or profits, you would enjoy your excellent position. However, if the company’s profits begin to decline, you could be laid off.

It is a natural tendency for most organizations to employ personnel when the company is profitable and reduce the number of employees when the company is losing money.

When you lose your work unexpectedly, you may face a number of challenges in your everyday life, such as having to pay your banking installments, fulfilling the financial demands of your family, and meeting other financial obligations as usual.

Due to the limited chances in the job market, it may take time to find new work. Therefore, until you find a new position, the job loss insurance of the United Arab Emirates assists you in meeting your most crucial financial requirements.

To make a simple understanding of job loss insurance in UAE. This article has been divided into several sections, and I hope it gives you a clear approach to job loss insurance in Dubai.

What is job loss insurance in UAE?

It is a legally binding insurance plan in which insurance companies are obligated to compensate policyholders in the event of job loss until they find a new role.

Both the insured and the insurance company must go through the agreement outlined in the policy. If any party subject to a violation is required to justify themselves in court.

Who are the providers of job loss insurance?

The insurance firms authorized by the UAE central bank to provide non-life insurance services may sell this plan to the general market.

On the other hand, commercial banks in the UAE also offer this insurance plan while a borrower secures a loan from them, but they must collaborate with a UAE insurance company.

Who can purchase job loss insurance in UAE?

Full-time employees in the government, semi-government, and commercial sectors in the UAE can enroll in the unemployment insurance scheme.

The important things to know about unemployment insurance in UAE

  1. You can claim the insurance for 60% of your subscription salary, up to AED 20,000 each month.
  2. Although the contract states that you will be compensated until you find new work. The insurance will only cover your expenses for up to three months. If you do not find employment within three months, you are not eligible for compensation thereafter.
  3. Your insurance subscription must be longer than 12 months to be eligible for the insurance claim.
  4. Apart from the wage and the repayment of a bank loan, you can negotiate other benefits with the insurance company.
  5. If you find a new job your insurance compensation will terminate automatically.
  6. The insurance will not apply if the beneficiary loses his or her job due to disciplinary action.
  7. If the compensation is made with fraud and deception your claim will invalidate.
  8. If the claimant’s working firm is not real the penalty will apply.

Exempted employee categories are;

If you work in any of the following job categories, you will be unable to enroll in an insurance plan in the UAE.

  1. Investors or owners of the establishment.
  2. Domestic workers
  3. Temporary contract workers
  4. Juveniles under the age of 18
  5. Pension-receiving retirees who have joined a new employer

Job loss insurance in UAE is the most significant scheme that can save you from financial difficulties caused by suddenly losing a job.

When subscribing to or renewing an insurance plan, it is crucial that you negotiate with the insurance provider on the benefits.

The best job loss insurance in UAE also gives a variety of additional benefits for a low premium, so compare the coverage and price before buying an insurance plan in the United Arab Emirates.

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