Jobs In Dubai For Americans, You Need To Know

jobs in Dubai for Americans

Dubai is a cosmopolitan city where people around the world are in different types of visas but majorities of them on the working visa. Out of 3.14 million people in Dubai, 85% are Asian, European, African, American and Australian. Just 15 percent of Dubai’s population are local and also known as Emiratis. If you are a US citizen and looking for jobs in Dubai for Americans this post will help you to understand the Dubai job market, possibility sector of hiring and application process.

While the number of Americans living in Dubai is lower compared to others, they hold the most important positions of the leading companies in the United Arab Emirates.

From 2017 Dubai government stopped publishing its population by nationality but there is an estimated figure of American national live in Dubai is 50000-170000.

If you are the American national and looking for overseas jobs in Dubai you need to know about the UAE job market, the industries’ offering and categories of jobs where companies prefer to hire Americans.

Why do Dubai companies love to hire Americans?

The state to state relationship between the United Arab Emirates and the United State is very matured. Results for this, the UAE government has not limited any sector to hire the American national except the national policy-making body.

There could be many reasons, companies in the UAE obsessed employing US citizens even though it costs millions of dollars than hiring people from other countries.

As I know some of the key points Dubai organizations hire Americans are following;

1.  Matured industries experience;

Dubai was an emerging market for the industry. It grew fast until 2008 and growth slowed significantly as it reached a level of development. When further growth slackens after some point of time the company has a saturation demand for the products. The experts refer to it as a maturing industry.

When the company is in such a situation the management of the organization should know the nature of the maturing industry. knowledge of the maturing helps them to identify the fundamental changes in the market environment.

The adoption of new strategies in business policies and innovating products could help to survive the industry. This development phase has already passed by the US industries, therefore, hiring the people who have already experienced in such types of situation help the Dubai firms head-to-head competition among the competitors.

This above is the main reason why leading companies in the UAE want to employee American citizens in managerial roles.

2. Less corruption;

Company investors always concern themselves with the corruption of their top employees. Hiring senior staff from other countries giving them the power to run the business could result in the misappropriation of company funds.

When they misuse the company fund and go to their home country, It may be impossible or difficult to bring back to Dubai because of the legal and political involvement of that country. If the fund is not very high, the organization can not take the case to the international courts too.

Although the UAE has a very strict law on corruption, it is not as effective as advanced countries around the world. The US is one of the least corrupt countries and recruiting Americans to the senior positions could be the peace of mind for the company owner.

3. Well, management;

People consider that the Americans are smarter than other nationalities in terms of managing the employees, overall companies’ system and diverse business environments. A well-managed company only can dominate the markets in today’s most competitive world.

When America was an emerging market it has tested many business management systems. Now it has succeeded in planning and developing the strategies, processes, and policies along with implementing them for achieving the business goal.

Still, Dubai firms are learning those above things. If they hire talents from the US job market they could get benefits from learning and use them for their advantages.

4. English language;

English is an international language more than 53 countries speak it as a primary language. Being the language of science and business, English has become an important communication method for business persons and other professionals to communicate with people from different nations.

Not only the privates firm want to hire the American but also international schools, campuses, and universities need the English spoken teacher for teaching international students.

Since Dubai Universities succeeded in to attract the student from other countries they need the lecturers whose mother language is English because all curricula have defined in English. Most of the lecturers’ opportunities go to the US, UK and Canadian because English is the mother language of these countries.

If you want to look for the teaching jobs in Dubai you should not do hard work to get it. It is common, the public and privates institutions in Dubai always look for candidates from the USA and Canada who want teaching in Dubai.

5. High-quality qualifications;

American universities are top in the world for providing quality educations to the students in almost every field. Every year Universities in the US produce world-leading scientists, architects, teachers, businessmen, writers, and human resources who make a profound change to the world.

The person with quality education often goes on to achieve great success for him or the institution in which he or she works. Most of the American students graduated from the world-class university and have learned great skills in the course of study. 

Dubai industries want to recruit the staff with high-quality education who can do better for the organization in the future.

Most common job categories that offer to American candidates.

Although there are many categories of the job in an organization these following are the common industries that offer the job to the American.

  • Science
      • Psychologist.
      • Industrial Psychologist.
      • Biochemist.
      • Epidemiologist
      • Medical Scientist.
      • Anthropologist.
      • Archaeologist.
      • Environmental Science and Protection Technician.
  • Information Technology
      • Computer and Information Research Scientist
      • Computer Network Architect
      • A Computer Support Specialist
      • Computer Systems Analyst
      • Database Administrator
      • Information Security Analyst
      • Network and Computer Systems Administrator
      • Software Developer
  • Engineering
      • Electronics and Communication Engineering
      • Electrical engineering
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Civil Engineering
      • Chemical Engineering
      • Aeronautical Engineering
      • Biochemical engineering
      • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Healthcare
      • Pharmacists
      • Radiation Therapists
      • Nuclear Medicine Technologists
      • physician (ER doctors, surgeons, hospitalists)
      • Nurse (CRNA, RN, LPN/LVN, CNS
      • Dietitian
  • Finance
      • Accounting Manager
      • Senior Accountant
      • Treasury Analyst
      • Controller
      • Cost Accountant
      • Treasury Manager
      • Financial Analyst
      • Credit Analyst
      • Auditor
      • bank managers
  • Sales
      • National Sales Director
      • Regional Sales Manager
      • Sales Manager
      • Sales Engineer
  • Education
      • Academic Adviser
      • Adjunct Professor
      • Adviser
      • Assistant Dean
      • Assistant Principal
      • Asst. Professor
      • Assistant Registrar
      • Assistant Teacher
      • Dean
      • Education Specialist
      • Instructor
      • Teacher
  • Military 
      • Military Advisor
  • Hospitality
      • Events Manager
      • Executive Conference Manager
      • Executive Meeting Manager
      • Meeting and Convention Planner
      • Meeting Specialist
      • Operation manager
      • Hotel manager
      • Director
      • General Manager

How to look for a job in Dubai?

If you are looking for jobs in Dubai for foreigners the most important thing is document preparation before it to begin. Your education qualification certificates should verify from the respective department of your country and attest to the UAE embassy in the USA.

What are the job search tools in the UAE?

You can use the two methods to look for the jobs in Dubai for Americans;

  1. Online: There are numerous career portals in Dubai where the employers post their requirements but you should apply via the legit website rather than a fake one. You can find thousands of online job portals with thousands of jobs, however, only the handful of websites are reliable for example; Linkedin,, Gulftalent, glassdoor, and monster jobs, etc.

If you want to work for American multi-national companies here in Dubai, visit the company’s website and apply for a position which match your skills much. It’s a more secure way than a job portal to apply for a job in Dubai.

2. Offline: 

Since the UAE government granted a visa for the American on arrival. You do not need a pre-arranged visa to enter this country, the visa will issue at the immigration counters at the airport.

With the 6 months valid passport you can come to Dubai and look for the job whether on tourist or visit visa.

The candidates who are already in Dubai can apply for a job by submitting a CV in the office to the company where they want to work.

Another offline way is working with recruitment companies in Dubai. The recruitment agencies are playing a vital role in the UAE job market while most of the top leading companies give them the recruitment task for the new employees.

The selection process of Jobs in Dubai for Americans;

The common selection process is an interview that can be taken of the conference call through the video calling app or face to face interview. For the technical sectors, you may require to give a written exam also.

How much salary for American Candidates?

UAE industries obviously offer you a higher salary in comparison among Asian, African even European candidates but it purely depends on your negotiation skills.

You should not only focus on the basic salary because the companies provide you other allowances, such as family visas, children’s education, housing, transportation and 2 moths vacations with full salary as well as the 2 ways ticket in each couple of years.

Before going for the interview, It is equally important for you to do your own research about the salary that other companies are paying to the US national in similar roles.

I always suggest you in the salary negotiation not to accept the salary that is below your home country because Dubai is not the cheaper place.

Conclusion: For the US national who wants to get some experience of the overseas careers Dubai could be the right palace because the UAE offers many things excluding the sightseeing attractions.

Since UAE is a tax-free country you can save much than the USA. The UAE government does not concern about your earning, therefore, saving depends your expense habit.

Dubai is cheaper than the USA for renting a room and purchasing similar products that’s why you can live stander life at a lower cost than your country. Are you still looking for jobs in Dubai for Americans search now

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