Is the emirates security services good for working?


The Emirates security services LLC is a part of Emirates transportation which is the UAE government entity.  In 1981, Emirate Transportation was established to offer services for managing, maintaining, and supervising the transport of goods inside the UAE and outside the UAE.

Okay, now, let’s talk about the benefits and disadvantages of working with this company. If you are Looking for information about this company, this post can help you learn the pros and cons of working with emirates’ security services.

Advantages of working with emirates gateway security services LLC

1. semi-governmental organization;

Emirates Security Services is a subsidiary of the Emirate Transport Group; which is owned by the UAE government. While emirate transport is a state-owned corporation, ESS is a semi-government agency.

If a business is semi-governmental, it must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. It is important to highlight here that ESS has adhered strictly to UAE labor law. This is the first advantage of working with Emirates security services in the United Arab Emirates.

2. Salary;

When we work overseas, the organization is required to pay our salaries on time so we can send money home to meet the financial needs of our family members.

However, many businesses abuse foreign laborers by failing to pay salaries on time or not paying the correct wages. This pattern is not unusual in the United Arab Emirates.

Although other companies exploit their employees, Emirates Security Services pays its employees at the end of each month.

The company does not deduct employee salary without any reason, and overtime also pays according to the labor law.

3. Company management;

Although there are some critiques, the company is well-managed. When a business is big, it becomes more difficult to fulfill everyone’s expectations. However, ESS offers facilities and amenities according to the country’s labor law.

4. Phone allowances;

Depending on your rank, you would get the phone allowances. When you are on Duty, need to pass information to others, or communicate with someone, you should not require spending your own money because the company allowances can cover your phone expenses.

5. Accommodation and food;

Most of the United Arab Emirates companies provide accommodation free to the employees. Still, they do not give the food freely, but Emirate security services provide the food without charges. The food serves in a mess, and it is also stander.

6. Multi-location work experiences;

The company has many clients across the UAE with a variety of the business. On the other hand, the company also provides different security services, including static security, patrol, and escort.

During your career with this organization, you may get the chance to work in other sites under various security circumstances. Therefore you would get multi-location work experience and learn the different security skills and experiences.

7. Training;

There are some mandatory training the security guard must complete before starting their Duty in the UAE that is SIRA and PSBD. The company also provides you some refreshment and other security-related training, which helps you execute the task efficiently.

8. Vacation and holiday;

Like other companies in the UAE, it also offers you two months’ vacation every two years, and you would get a 2-month salary during the vacation period.

When you are going on vacation, the company will provide you the two ways air ticket.

Every week you would work for six days and one day rest, but you would get overtime if you work on your off day.

9. Overtime pay rate;

The company pays you the overtime, not higher or not lower, however, according to this country’s labor law.

If you want to learn how to calculate overtime in the United Arab Emirates, then visit the calculator.

10.   Workplace culture;

The workplace culture of The emirates transportation group is applicable in ESS or Emirates security services.

There are some traditions and rules, and regulations that every employee needs to comply with; therefore, each employee is responsible for maintaining a peaceful and joyful workplace environment.

These are the benefits of working in the Emirates security services in the United Arab Emirates. Now let’s talk about the drawback of working with this.

  1. Some area accommodations are far;

The company has its accommodations or labor camps, and especially in Dubai, they are very far from the duty places. You may need to travel 1 hour or more when you go on Duty or come back.

2. Long hours of Duty;

You should work for 12 hours rather than 8 hours. If Every day, you work for 12 hours at the same job, and similar tasks bore you.

3. Career development;

Although the company provides you with equal opportunities It will take a time to advance your career in this organization. It is common in private security companies because they do not have many senior roles.

Okay, these are the advantages and disadvantages of working in this company. I don’t say that the company is a hundred percent perfect. There are some pros and cons in every organization, so generally, the company is mid-types of an organization up to you whether you choose or not.


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