How to register UAE pass kiosk online?

UAE pass kiosk

The UAE government has introduced a digital identity and signature solution for its residents, enabling them to access all federal and state government services without visiting service centers or signing any paper documents. Here in this post, I would explain how to register UAE pass kiosk online? it is the process of storing your digital identity and signature on a government-issued card.

What is a UAE pass?

UAE pass is just like a digital card that stores the users’ information. By entering these card numbers to receive government services online. You are not required to provide any further information regarding yourself. Because the card number will reflect the details, you entered during the online registration process.

Is UAE pass necessary for everyone?

If you are a UAE national or UAE resident, you may need government services for personal or business purposes. Each service requires you to create an account and provide personal information during the registration process.

If you have a UAE pass, you will find a “login with UAE pass” option on any government portal. When you enter your phone number or email address, or UAE PASS number, You may access the services without registering.

Although it is not required for everyone, it is necessary to obtain government services electronically because it saves time and expedites the approval process.

How to register UAE pass kiosk online?

1st Step: To begin, download the UAE Pass on your phone through the Google Play Store or an ISO store, depending on your device.

2nd Step: Open the application, click the “create account” button, and scan both sides of your Emirate id; your information will copy automatically read the detail are correct or not.

Suppose you do not have an Id. You can register by entering the details manually. Make sure it is accurate.

3rd Step: After entering your personal information, you’ll be asked to verify your phone number and email address; enter both. After clicking the Done button, you will receive an OTP via phone and email, which you need to enter to verify.

4th Step: Create the credential or four-digit password; while you can retrieve the password later, I suggest noting it down and keeping it secret.

Final verification kiosk uae pass.

By completing these above four steps, you can create the UAE pass’s basic account, but you must verify it at a kiosk machine. You can find their position using the UAE pass application. Do you want to search UAE pass kiosk location click here 

First Step: Go to the nearby Kiosk machine, click on the UAE pass, then enter your emirate Id. Your identification will be verified automatically.

Second Step: It is a biometric verification; place your left index finger on the card machine, and your fingerprint will be scanned and stored in the UAE pass database.

Third Step: Enter the new password and confirm it. Your password should include;

    1. At least 6 characters
    2. One Upper case letter
    3. one lower case letter
    4. One number
    5. One non-alphabetical character

When you complete these three steps on the kiosk machine and submit the application, your account will be verified within several minutes.

Why do you need to verify your UAE pass?

  1. Full access to all government services
  2. Advance signature
  3. Qualified signature
  4. Verification of UAE pass digitally signed documents.
  5. Requesting and adding digital document from the issuer
  6. Sharing digital document managing digital document
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