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Aramco is not only the largest organization in middle east but the best place to work for expatriate workers. Now the company has adopted virtual interviews for the candidates.

Aramco is the world’s largest energy corporation headquartered in Saudi Arabia and has been represented internationally in three energy markets, such as Asia, the Euro, and the Americas. If you’re looking for a career in Aramco, this post will help you understand the entire recruitment process of the company.

Aramco also provides key energy supplies to the world’s largest economy, including America, China, and India, therefore it has a vast business network. If you get opportunities to have Saudi Aramco careers you will get the chance to work in many countries around the world.

Most people believe that Saudi Aramco ‘s career is the best choice for their jobs, because, it is highly rated organizations in terms of career development, salary, workplace culture, and financial supports to employees.

Aramco offers everything when the employee is recruited in KSA or from another country. It provides a free visa, a free ticket, and even medical expenses for the recruitment process.

How many employees are there in Aramco?

Aramco has several branches and subsidiaries, with more than 70,000 staff employed in various ranks. They have driven business and made the company the most competitive in the world.

Is a career in Aramco the best opportunity?

If I say true without any bias, yes if you are looking for a career in the Gulf region the company can be the best place to work because you can read the employees’ review on glass-door and any other independent site, most are satisfied with the companies management and the other aspects.

How to look for career in Aramco Saudi?

The company recruited the employees through two-channel, you can choose one or try both.

  • Apply for job online: You can apply for Aramco jobs on their official website online, don’t worry about your place, because the company hires global talent around the world.
  • Apply through the agents: Aramco hires from many countries more than 70 nationalities are in its workforce.  Each country has an Aramco agent for recruitment, therefore you can contact them if the recruitment process is going on, you can face an interview in your country.

Whether you are in Saudi Arabia or in your home country you can apply career at Aramco through online channels. The selection process is the interview and some positions require written tests.

How to search for Saudi Aramco jobs online?

First Step. To search for the Saudi Aramco careers visit their official job portal and click on the find a job button. To make your search more precise, you can use the filter option to get an accurate result.


The options available for job search are;

  1. Location
  2. Job categories
  3. Post date

Note: Some jobs require special nationality, so make sure you apply for a job that is for global candidates.

Second step: Click on the apply button if you find the job that meets your expectation.

Third step: If you are a pre-registered user login, if not create an account.


Four-step: upload the required files, including your CV.

Recruitment process of Aramco 

  1. Application: If you see a job posting that meets your experience and expectations, please submit your resume online.
  2. Interview call: If your qualification meets the company need then the recruitment team will contact you for an interview. You need to fill out the application form at that time.
  3. Employment offer: If you succeed in your interview, the company will send you a job offer letter, it contains, very important things such as types of contract, salary, and other benefits.
  4. Relocation: After the offer accepted by you, the company will legally grant you a visa, work permit, and other paperwork to stay and work in the Kindom of Saudi Arabia.
  5. Orientation: The organization will provide you with orientation training on important subjects such as cultural similarities and differences, accommodation, schools, and more.


Aramco is not only the largest organization in middle east but the best place to work for expatriate workers. Now the company has adopted virtual interviews for the candidates.

Despite the lower oil price and demand in the world still, the company has maintained its largest workforce, as well as there, are some hiring activities. If you want to make a career in Aramco use both methods for the job search that I have mentioned above.

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