How to get tourist sim card in dubai on arrival.

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The tourist sim card in Dubai is not difficult to acquire because you should not go through the same application process as the normal SIM card in the UAE. It is very easy to obtain even free of cost since the Dubai government launched the happy Dubai initiative.

When we go to another country, after boarding the aircraft, we contact our family members, friends, and relatives. Our loved one always concerns about the journey, therefore, they expect we make a call once you reach the destination.

If you are coming to Dubai in tourist or visit visa you should not worry about it because you can obtain a tourist sim card in Dubai without paying the single cent. Once you arrive at Dubai international airport you can request the SIM card with a passport control officer.

You do not have to fill out any types of forms and do not have to wait long for the activation. One of the largest telecom operators in Dubai DuHas been working with Dubai government for providing the free sim card to the visitors in Dubai.

The DU is the second largest telecom company following the Etisalat in UAE. Most of it business strategies are targeted to the ex-pats residence, so, it has become most popular among them.

Being relatively cheaper than national telecommunication Du has outnumbered the Etisalat on the number of users of its network. Etisalat is the governmental telecommunications company, which is more expensive than the Du for calling and using data packages.

How to get tourist sim card Dubai?

When you grounded in Dubai international airport you should cross the immigration counters by showing the validity of your entry permit. If you are coming from the visa on arrival nations you have to process for the visa stamping.

You can ask the sim card to the officer who is responsible to complete your immigration checking. He/She will guide you to the place where you can get it.

What is the cost of the tourist sim card in Dubai?

No, there is no cost for obtaining the SIM and another interesting thing is, it comes with 3-minute free calls and 20mbs of data. Once you active the SIM you can call for 3 minutes to your beloved ones or could send a message in social media by using the available free data.

How to active the SIM card in Dubai?

To active the complimentary SIM, you should insert in your phone, dial *122# and follow the instructions.

Can anyone get a tourist SIM card in UAE?

The visors who are on tourist, visit or transit visa can get the tourist SIM but they should be above the 18.

What is the validity of the tourist sim card Dubai?

It is valid for a month, you should contact to any shops or customer service counters of the DU if you want to extend its validity according to your stay in Dubai.

It is not difficult to find Du customer service counters because there is not any city in the UAE where DU has not the customer service counters.

Can you top up the tourist sim card in the Airport?

Yes, why not, although it comes with 3 minutes free calls and 20mb data, you can recharge it using the online bill payment machine at the airport or purchase the top-up card from the shops.

What is the cost of top-up and benefits? 

1. Top up Dh25 get 150 MB data and 10 flexible minutes for calling, valid for 3 days.

2. Pay Dh55 and get 500 MB data and 20 flexible minutes for calling, valid for 3 days.

3. Top up Dh110 and get 500 MB data and 20 flexible minutes for calling, valid for 14 days.

Conclusion: Obtaining the tourist sim card in Dubai is a hassle-free process because you can get it without bearing any cost, in addition, it comes with pre reload free calls and data, therefore you can contact your beloved immediately after reaching the Dubai international airport.

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