Don’t do these mistakes when using du quick pay

Du Quick Pay is the latest product of the second-largest telecommunications company in the United Arab Emirates. This service allows the individuals to pay their postpaid bill online without login into the customer portal.

Although the company has established and operated several KIOSKS machines in various parts of the United Arab Emirates nowadays it has focused more and more on online services.

Despite the KIOSKS machines have covered most of the key locations of this country the customer help desks can be found throughout the UAE.

Du targeted customers are mostly the ex-pats residence, tourist, and temporary visa holder, therefore, it has become the most popular network among the UAE residents who are from different countries.

When Dubai became the popular destination for the world travelers Du launched the tourist sim card in Dubai. If you want to get a tourist sim card or get more information about it to click here. 

How to enable Du Quick pay services?

It is mandatory for anyone who wants to use the du quick pay-services must register on the customer self-service portal on their official website or use their official application on android and ISO operating systems.

  • If you are a new user create an account on the Du customer portal by entering your phone numbers and other require details.
  • Existing users need to log in to your account entering your username or phone numbers.
  • For the mobile user; download the Du official app from Android or ISO store and link your account visa app. It is even more easy and simple than the Website.
  • Link or register your debit or credit card for making payment through Du quick pay services.

What is the benefit of using du online payment?

  • You can pay your du liabilities such as
    • postpaid bill,
    • Wifi,
    • TV packages and
    • shop online.
  • Make bill payment without login into the customer care portal.
  • track your expenditures on du quick apps and websites.
  • Top up your mobile number or others.
  • send the balance to your friends and relatives.
  • Credit and debit cards are accepted.

What mistakes should not do when you want to use Du quick pay.

  1. Registering users on the customer service portal using the SIM is not registered on your name.
  2. Creating the user account with an expired SIM or is not renewed.
  3. Sharing the credentials to others such as password and user names.
  4. Linking debit or credit card that is not issued in the GCC countries. (Card should have issued from any financial instructions located in Gulf cooperation councils).
  5. Making a payment without confirming your monthly bills
  6. Try to link the multiple accounts
  7. Top up mobile without checking the numbers
  8. Sending money to the person who is not related.
  9. Downloading the mobile app which is not official.
  10. Not renewing your ID when it is required.

Conclusion: Du Quick pay is much easier than you have considered. You can make payment enabling these services without going to the Du customer care counter in your place.

Du has offered others quick services too, such as quick ID renewal, quick recharge and much more. As the UAE residents, you should use these services to make your life easier than before.

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