How many security guard companies in dubai affected?


There are thousands of security guard companies in Dubai as well as in the UAE. Almost 35,000 security personnel are working in the privates and government entities all across the UAE.

The current situation COVID 19 hit the UAE also very hard. When the government took preventive measure all most all companies have been closed for a month. The private companies have lost millions of business cause of this, employees have lost their jobs and waiting for the repatriation process.

The private security industries in Dubai and UAE are no exception from these effects. The clients who have hit under the current circumstances have cut the security personnel on duty. While there are not any business activities it is normal to reduce the security staff.

Only the few security guards have been protecting the companies, for example; where the 20 guards were working now only 5 guards are there.

Security guard companies in Dubai also sending guards for work on relieving, if one guard work today tomorrow he will get them off. When they will not get paid from the client how could pay to the security personnel without working.

Although privates companies have a hard hit from the global pandemic COVID 19 the security companies in the UAE have not hit so hard. To propel the security industries business also need thriving business activities in the country.

How many security guard companies in Dubai have affected by COVID 19?

Although this crisis will remain for a long time, the security industries in Dubai will recover soon. Not all the security companies in Dubai have affected. The companies which have large clients needed numerous security staff to run their businesses have suffered much.

The small security companies still running smoothly without any effect, because, they had been providing just 1 or 2 security personnel in an organization. Despite, the crisis the organization needs at least 2 security personnel.

What will happen in the security industries in the UAE in the future?

  1. Temporarily the new recruitment activities can be slow down.
  2. The security candidates who have been waiting for a visa around the wold experience delay.
  3. The Privates businesses are gradually opening they need the same number of security personnel to run their business to operate without any threat.
  4. The private’s companies need to test the temperature of the visitors, vendors, and employees as well as record the travel histories. The security guard will conduct these types of activities. This work will increase the demand for security personnel rather than lay off.
  5. Although the security companies’ clients reduce the physical security personnel presenting in the site they have not revoked the contract yet.
  6. Despite the companies closed, they need a security guard to protect the properties.
  7. The security companies which are working with government contracts will not lose the contract.
  8. UAE government could hire more temporary security personnel to enforce government guidelines to the public.
  9. By now there is not any security personnel who have lost the job, it is a good signal for the future.
  10. At last, the privates business will recover through the government stimulus packages the security demand in the UAE will bounce back as normal.

Conclusion:  Although there is some uncertainty in the security guard companies in Dubai there is a lot of light over the horizon. The demand for the security staff in the job market in the UAE will remain stable even though other sectors will suffer much.

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