Full List of Taxi Companies In Dubai

List of Taxi Companies In Dubai

Compared to other cities in the GCC, Dubai has many transportation companies, including taxi services; the full list of taxi companies in Dubai will be discussed in this article.

Taxi companies are the most profitable businesses in Dubai because the city attracts millions of visitors each year, and those visitors, as well as tour operators, can hire vehicles from taxi companies.

Foreign nationals, who are here for work and business, make up 85 percent of Dubai’s population.

Many UAE residents cannot afford their cars because they must send money to their families back to their home countries possibly monthly or quarterly basis.

Although the private car industries in the UAE are expanding rapidly, a large number of Dubai residents do not own private vehicles due to low salaries.

Almost all companies in Dubai transport their foreign employees to and from work, but when on off-day, they should use public transportation such as metro trains, public buses, or taxis to get from one location to another.

Is a taxi cheap in Dubai?

Although public transportations are less expensive, Dubai residents prefer taxis because they are faster, more comfortable, and provide more sightseeing opportunities.

All taxi companies in Dubai have their app through which passengers can find nearby taxis. Another appealing feature of their app is to calculate the estimated time to the destination and taxi fare.

How many taxis are there in Dubai?

The RTA (Road Transportation Authority), which has over 10,000 taxis, owns 50% of the taxi fleet.

From this point of view, we can estimate that there are between 20 and 25 thousand taxis in Dubai.

Although there are one hundred taxi service providers in Dubai, only three have become indispensable for public selection.

  1. Dubai Taxi Corporation – RTA Official taxis.
  2. Uber – An American Multinational taxi and transport company.
  3. Careem – Acquired by Uber in 2019.

How can you be a taxi driver in UAE?

UAE nationals do not prefer this line of work, so the majority of taxi drivers are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, other Arab countries, and African nations.

A valid driving license from the RTA or an international driving license is required to drive a taxi in the UAE.

If you are already in the UAE, you can obtain a light driving license through self-processing; the entire process for obtaining a driving license in the UAE is described here.

If you are not in the UAE, you must have prior driving experience and a valid driving license from another country, including your own.

Although this driving license is not valid in Dubai, taxi companies in the UAE only hire people who have prior driving experience; your license represents your experience.

When a transportation company in the UAE hires you as a driver, you must complete a 22-day training course and pass the RTA road evaluation test.

What visa require to obtain a driving license in UAE?

Applying for a driver’s license in the United Arab Emirates does not require a specific visa, because you can open the file at any authorized training center.

If you complete the 22-day training course and pass the evaluation test administered by the Authority, you will get a license, regardless of the type of visa you hold (tourist, visit, etc.).

Full List of Taxi Companies In Dubai

The above list of taxi companies in Dubai includes car rental companies because they also provide private transportation services.

The car rental organizations do not go on the road to look for the passenger, but, they lease the vehicles to individuals for their requirements.

Tourists, visitors, and U.A.E. residents can confidently use the taxi services in Dubai because they are more secure, and dependable, and the taxi meter determines your fare.

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