Factory worker and Labour salary in Saudi Arabia


Just like the other GCC countries, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia has relied on foreign labor to propel its economy. Despite recent government pressure on the private sector to hire locals instead of foreigners, there is still a huge demand for blue-collar workers. If you are looking for information regarding the Labour salary in Saudi Arabia you are in the right place.

If you are on the role of a helper, regular worker, factory worker, or general laborer on a construction site, there is not much difference in the basic salary from company to company.

Most companies pay similar salaries for the roles I mentioned above, but there may be small differences depending on the organization.

For example, if a company pays well, the salary may be slightly higher; if a company pays badly, the salary may be slightly lower; in other words, there is not a significant variation in salary among blue-collar workers.

There is no minimum salary for foreign nationals in the private sector in KSA; However, companies must pay Saudi nationals a minimum of  3000 Saudi Riyal even if they work as general laborers.

Now, let’s talk about the starting pay for industrial workers, general laborers, helpers, restaurant workers, and so on.

Labour salary in Saudi Arabia

Although Saudi labor law has not specified a minimum pay for workers, it has included other provisions such as work hours, vacations, and holidays, as well as other rights and privileges.

How much salary you will receive from the company will be determined by the number of hours of additional work you perform; so, I believe you should know the answer to the following questions.

  1. How many hours should I work?

According to the country’s labor laws, you would only be able to work for 8 hours each day, 48 hours per week. If you work more than 8 hours per day that overtime, and the employer must pay 50% more than the ordinary working hours.

  1. How many days should you work in a week?

You would work only six days a week and take one day off when the employer asked you to fulfill duty on a rest day, and the corporation would have to pay you extra.

  1. What should you do on public holidays?

Most of the companies remain close  on the public holiday, if you work on that day you are entitled to overtime as per the country labor law.

  1. What is the salary?

Most of the company pays for the basic salary for laborer roles starting from 1000 SAR for 8 hours and 6 days a week.

If someone performs overtime 4 hrs in a day or twelve hours duty every day he or she will receive SAR 1650 per month.

If you get a chance to work on public holiday plus rest day the company needs to pay 50% higher than the regular hours of work.

The average pay or Labour salary in Saudi Arabia including overtime is SAR 1400. Many companies do not provide food allowances or free food, but they do provide lodging. It means that you should exclude your food expenses from your pay, which is usually more than SAR 300 as a result you can save only from SAR 1000 to 1200 only.


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