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max express

MAX EXPRESS COURIER SERVICES LLC was established in Dubai in 2013. Almost a decade after its founding, it has already become a leading courier and transportation company in the UAE and the Gulf region.

There are a lot of delivery service providers in the UAE. Even though the company headquarters is in Dubai. Max Express has its own fleet of vehicles and transportation staff, so it can make deliveries on the same day or even at the same hour across the UAE.

What services does max express provide?

Like the other UAE-based courier firm, it also provides delivery services for documents, commodities, and other high-value goods. The following are the services offered by the company:

  1. E-commerce delivery services:
  2. Collect and deliver the goods and documents
  3. Same day delivery services
  4. Bullet services delivery within a few hours are available in the UAE only.
  5. International delivery services
  6. Cheque collection and deliver
  7. Tracking your shipment: Both the receiver and sender can monitor the status of their shipment by entering the AWB number. To check on the status of your courier, click here.

The above are the services that the max courier provides to customers in the United Arab Emirates and to international customers. Now let’s talk about the company from the employment perspective.

As far as I know, there are two types of employees at max courier offices:

  1. Back office staff and
  2. Field staff

The back office staffs are responsible for the documentation, packaging, and payment settlement, while the field staff collects and delivers the consignment from and to the clients.

  1. What is the salary?

Max express courier provides a little higher salary compared to other organizations in the UAE. The wage protection system ensures that salaries are paid on time, and Max Express has implemented it as well.

You do not require to be concerned about your salary because the employee’s salary will deposit into his or her bank account at the end of each month.

  1. The working environment

The work environment is wonderful; even if you are in a rush to meet client expectations, nothing would bother you; in fact, you would enjoy that job.

The majority of field personnel must travel from one location to another on a daily basis, you may have the opportunity to visit a new location each day.

Both the back office and the field staff work in a team, so, it makes them feel as if they are working with a family.

The most followed principles among the max express company’s staff are encouraging, supporting, and collaborating.

  1. Other facilities;

Max Express provides additional benefits to its employees following the country’s labor laws. Including gratuities, overtime pay, workplace disabilities compensation, vacation, etc.


If you are a client of Max Express in the UAE, you will enjoy the services that they offer, and if you work for Max Courier, you will never find that the company treats you unfairly.

In my opinion, it is a mid-sized organization that provides excellent courier and transportation services in the UAE.

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