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Engineering jobs in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is one of the countries in the Gulf region that has experienced a construction boom since the last decade. Together with the construction of mega projects, engineering jobs in the UAE became the most demanded.

Especially Dubai and Abu dhabi have many possibilities for the engineering career, because, both cities have been developing public and private infrastructure rapidly for the last 10yrs.

Whether you are an engineering professional and looking for the opportunity in a better company. Or, you don’t have previous experience, means fresher, and looking for a job in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

This post helps you to understand the current UAE jobs market for the engineering sector and the best company to follow your career.

The construction has remained steady and projected to grow in the coming years. Many mega projects including the tallest tower in the world that will be taller than Burj Khalifa is under construction.

The government of Dubai has planed some miracle projects that have not existed on the planet by now. Since the construction sector becomes the key driver of the Dubai economy the government expenditure in the construction is still huge.

To complete the government-supported project requires people with various technical skills who can operate modern technology. The results for that, the private’s companies that supply engineering equipment and services also have strong business growth in this country.

Dubai job market has a huge demand for engineering professionals as the city has continuously developed as the regional hub of the world’s most powerful companies in engineering. Along with the strong job market for engineers, UAE has become the most attractive place for work for the engineering candidates around the world.

There is a lot of job available in the various engineering branches but civil engineering has remained at the top.

The types of engineering jobs in Dubai.

  1. Civil Engineer
  2. Mechanical Engineer
  3. IT and Computer engineer
  4. Chemical engineer
  5. Electrical engineer

What types of duty engineers perform?

A general engineer plays many roles in the organization but the main job for them are analyzing, developing and evaluating company system as well as improving the current system and create a new project.

How does the engineer select in UAE?

Although the selection of engineering jobs depends solely on the recruitment procedure of the company, the majority of engineering companies select engineering roles by assessing the talent of the candidates means two ways;

  1. Written exam
  2. Interview

In the first phase, the companies in the UAE publish their requirement on their official website or online job portal. Some companies also advertise in the national newspaper.

In the second stage, only a few candidates are selected for the examination which calls shortlisting. Here is the important role your CV plays.

Written Exam: This is an assessment process of the applicant’s knowledge of engineering fields. Most of the questions will be asked from your academic study. You should take an exam and wait for the result. When your exam is successful, you should ready to go for the interview.

Interview: It is the most important part of everyone’s career. Some engineering companies in the United Arab Emirates may not give a written exam to candidates with a high level of experience. In the interview, the questing may ask and you should please the interviewer with your answers. Would you like to go through an interview now? Click here

What’s the salary of an engineer in Dubai?

The pay varies on overtime, company size, profit, employee’s experience, skill and between locations. Another factor that influences the salary in the UAE job market is your negotiation skills and your nationality.

Higher paid goes for the engineering position to Emirati. If you come from the EU, the United States, Canada, and Australia are more likely to be paid higher. The people from an Arabian region or GCC countries have another type of salary packages. Asian nationals and Africans are the least paying. Here’s the average salary in the UAE for engineering.

  • Civil Engineer Salary In Dubai and UAE = AED 73,301
  • Mechanical engineer Salary In UAE = AED 67,600
  • Electrical engineer Salary In UAE = AED 73,695
  • IT and computer Engineer salary UAE AED 97,861
  • Chemical engineer salary in UAE AED 110,000

How to look for an engineering job in UAE?

You need not work hard in searching for an engineering job in the United Arab Emirates because many businesses are looking for a worldwide talent for there workforce.

As UAE citizens are not enough manpower for the UAE government engineering job, they are not interested in working in the private sector, so global candidates have the chance to take these opportunities.

Can you apply for Engineering jobs in UAE from your home country?

Yes, of course, any part of the world you can apply for Engineering jobs in Dubai, because, there is not any person who has this academic qualification is unemployed in Dubai. Before applying for the job online, you should have to do research about the company to avoid scamming job opportunities.

  1. Apply for a job on the company website: Whether you are in your home country or in the UAE. Look for the job on the company website, every company in Dubai has a website. You can use a close career also for you job search because we always share the available opportunities direct from the company. Walk interview now?
  2. Contact with a recruitment agency: For managerial level jobs like an engineer, recruitment agencies play important roles in a UAE labor market. Submitting a job application for potential future employment with a recruitment agency makes you even closer to the opportunity. Here are the top recruitment agencies in the UAE.
  3. Make your strong personal and social network: Your friend, relative, and family member can help you find a job in Dubai if they’re working in a company where you’ve been targeted for your career. Your social media presence also helps you to find a job. Being a friend with person who is working in the engineering company or where you want to apply for, they can provide vacancy information and interview date. Even more, they can recommend you with their boss for that position.

Conclusion: Every day you would find hundreds of advertisements for engineering jobs in the UAE. The companies in Dubai prefer hiring candidates from the mature industrial market, so, candidates from the western countries have more chances of grabbing the opportunities.

Equally, companies also love to hire candidates from Asian countries because they are less expensive than candidates from western countries. Anyway, the engineering professional should not face the tough market in the UAE like other sectors.

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