E. G EstiaCyprus Private Employment agency information

EstiaCyprus Private Employment agency

E. G EstiaCyprus Private Employment agency is a leading Cyprus staffing firm, that offers local and international recruiting opportunities for both employers and job seekers.

Although the organization is mostly active in the local market it also hires candidates from the developing world, especially from Asia and Africa.

E. G EstiaCyprus hires all types of professionals to work in Cyprus, and a few job categories are recruited from abroad including;

  1. Housemaids,
  2. caregivers,
  3. childcare,
  4. agriculture workers,
  5. farm workers,
  6. chefs,
  7. sushi chefs,
  8. laundry workers
  9. Staff for Hotels & Restaurants

Services of E. G EstiaCyprus Private Employment agency

  1. Manpower solution: The company provides the above-mentioned staff to the family and the enterprise.

Whether they are local or foreign workers. It selects highly experienced candidates who could perform their job effectively.

2. Recruitment of  Employees: E. G EstiaCyprus also offers recruitment services on behalf of its clients in Cyprus and abroad.

3. Immigration Services: Apart from foreign recruitment, it also provides all kinds of immigration services and prepares the documentation for expatriates to live and work legally in Cyprus. Some immigration services the company provides are 

    • Short Stay visa: People who visit the country and stay less than three months purpose of vacation or business must get a short-stay visa.
    • Temporary residency permit: Visitors, students, and workers must get a Pink slip, which enables them to enter the nation and stay temporarily until they get the residency permit.
    • Immigration permit: Non-EU nationals have to secure an immigration permit to enter the country of Cyprus.

4. Sevices for Job seekers: Job seekers in Cyprus can use this organization to find potential employers. Foreign candidates seeking jobs outside of Cyprus should contact a local agent partnered with E. G EstiaCyprus and schedule an interview.

There are several recruitment firms in Cyprus, but few of them go outside to hire foreign nationals. E. G EstiaCyprus is one of them.

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