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Friday, November 22, 2019

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Emergency situation

Emergency situation security guard training

Basic security guard training Unit 5 Lesson (C) An emergency situation can happen anytime there is not prediction in general. In your worksite, you may...
radio communication

radio communication, basic security guard training

Security guard basic training Unit 2 Lesson (C) Radio (walkie-talkie) is a hand-held, convenient two-way radio transceiver,  multiple walkie-talkies can utilize a single radio channel,...
UAE visa checking


UAE visa status - The UAE government issues various types of visa for the foreign national to allow travel, enter and work in the...
recruitment agencies in Dubai

Top 10 recruitment agencies in Dubai and UAE

Recruitment agencies in Dubai- United Arab Emirates is a country, consisting of 7 emirates or provinces one of them is Dubai which is most...
korean visa status

korean visa status, Easy way to check your online

Korean visa status- The Korean government issues various types of visa for the people who enter their country and its citizen who travel out...