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Friday, November 22, 2019

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security guard teamwork

Important of teamwork security guard training

security guard basic training Unit 1 Lesson (F) Teamwork is a collaborative effort of the team members for achieving the common goal. It can happen...
guard interview

how to prepare for security guard interview.

An interview is a questioning and answering session, in addition, It is the most important conversation between interviewer and interviewee where the questions are...
salesman interview, sales lady interview,

sales lady or salesman interview question answers

A company employs a Salesperson for selling their product to the customer. Although salespeople duties and responsibilities heavily depend on the company sizes, types...
security guard test 2

60 Questions Answered About SECURITY GUARD TEST-2

The Security guard license test is one type of examination conducted by the Security Regulatory Authority for security candidates to grant or renew a Security...
security guard training

Security guard training course for licensing process

This basic security guard training course designed to provide enough knowledge to new security officer about security-related matters. This course is significant not only for...