Best VPN for UAE to the android and ISO users.

There is a battle between network providers and VPN developers in the UAE. Since the UAE government introduced cyber law both DU and Etisalat’s largest internet provider have to comply with federal internet regulation. The result for that some websites and apps of the android, as well as the ISO, do not access fully, if, you use DU or Etisalat network. However, the UAE residence uses the best VPN for UAE to bypass government restrictions.

Most of the mobile users install one after another VPN app on mobile devices when their network provider blocks the existing VPN. Although the UAE government is very sensitive for VPN users because of social, political and security issues majorities of the ex-pats use the VPN for making the call to their loved one to their home countries.

What is a VPN?

The VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a piece of software that allows you to surf the internet anonymously. When you connect the internet on your computer, tablet mobile, and any other electronic gadgets they forward the IP address.

Your Ip address helps the network operators or government to track your location and your browsing histories. In case of any wrongdoing, police can arrest you through the information that has been collected via the network provider.

Not only the government institutions seeing you but also hackers can hack your computer and steal your privacy. Therefore many companies such as banks, retail industries, other largest entities use the VPN software as well as the devices to keep their business planning and financial transaction safe and secure.

When you connect VPNs on your devices, the IP address will be changed, so, the snooper will not find your actual location. Many VPNs have options for setting up the your prefer location on it.

UAE nationals and expatriates users use the VPN to access some restricted websites such as gambling, porn sites, social media, and video calling apps that are blocked by internet providers.

Is it legal to use a VPN in the UAE?

Using VPN in UAE is legal if you have a operatives license just like banks, financial institutions, retail stores, industries, and other organizations need to protect their financial and business privacy from the hacker and competitors. Those types of organizations get authorized licenses from the government.

The individuals who use the VPN to access the websites that have forbidden from the UAE government is illegal. UAE government is very strict over the VPN user who tries to accesses the websites that are against the political, social and economic systems of the United Arab Emirates.

As being in UAE for longer than a decade I have found most of the foreigners use the free VPN apps to make a call on Facebook messenger, IMO, Whatsapp and other video callings apps that have literally blocked from the government of the UAE.

Is the government able to track you while using the free VPN?

Although there is not any case like the government of the UAE has tracked the users and brought them to the court. There is evidence that network providers Etisalat and Du always block VPN apps once many users start to use them.

Now, we have to be clear that, using free VPN apps is not secure, because, network providers know what VPN are using by the UAE users to hide their IP addresses. Therefore, every day you would find one after another VPN apps do  not work due to the blocking through the authorities

Although there is not any guarantee which VPN works for a long because internet regulatory authority makes the Du and Etisalat block the VPN apps if they found Users are using significantly.

Despite that, here are some most popular and Best VPN for UAE users.

  1. Secure Web VPN;

This is a global VPN network covering America, Noth America, Europ and Asia including the middle east. Most of its servers are free to use it provides free proxy services that encrypt your connection, therefore, nobody can track your location.

2. Bot Charger VPN;

Bot charger VPN has been popular among its users because of ultra-fast speed and lightweight. Many paying VPNs with a free lite version need to register as users because they can negotiate with you for a paid subscription in the future. The bot charger does not require you to register if you on it you can use it.

3. Gulf Secure VPN;

This is another free VPN provider has focused only in the Gulf region. With the help of this app, you can access the restricted sites anonymously and securely. You can make a call via IMO, Wattsup and Facebook messenger after enabling it in your devices.

4. Volt VPN;

Although it is new in the UAE it works charms once you install it on your phone. This app does not require you to register as the User, in addition, it lifetime free to hide your browsing history.

5. Turbo VPN

I know this VPN for many years and developers also updating it from time to time to fix the bugs. Turbo is a 100% free VPN which connects very fast, hides your IP address and provides secure wifi hotspot services.

6. Smart VPN;

It is totally free android VPN client that works smart ways as its name. Although it has a paid subscription plan the free version covers most of the things to unlock the restricted websites. It enables you to make a video call with a video calling application that does not work with the normal network. One-click connection and there is no bandwidth and time limitation for you to use it.

7. Thunder VPN;

It is now the world’s VPN market and very young in term of the UAE but many users are using in Dubai because very easy to connect without any configuration. Just clicking on the button you can make your connection secure and privates. Regardless you are using what network it works with Wi-Fi, LTE/4G, 3G and all mobile data carriers.

8. Hi VPN;

Hi VPN provides you secure proxy services to encrypt your network and experience the better privates network. Although it has a bug issue of disconnection it works very well after the configuration of the VPN server. Many users have a positive review in the google play stores including me also have the same experience.

9. Ace VPN;

This is also a popular VPN app for android users in the United Arab Emirates. It provides similar features as other VPN apps but the performance of the Ace VPN is par than others.

You can choose the server location for many countries such as the USA, EU, and Asia. Not only it provides free services but also upgrades feature is available for the users who want to be more secure and anonymous.


OLOW is the free VPN client for the android and iso users it takes time for connecting the server but does marvelous jobs after a connection on your device. It encrypts your network enables you an anonymous browser. More than the 44 thousand users have downloaded for the android phone and majorities reviews are positive on the app review section. Hence, we have listed it on our best VPN for the UAE list.

Wrapping up;

Although there are thousands of VPN apps on android and ISO store Majorities of them are not working in UAE, because, the internet regulatory authority has blocked them manually after finding the users’ malicious activities. I can not give you the guarantee about the above-listed names are the best VPN for UAE because they can be blocked at any time.

So, install and try them on your phone whether they are working or not?. Be aware of it using VPN and accessing the restricted website can lead you to the jail, therefore, search for or access for the websites and apps that do not threaten of UAE’s political, economic, and social stability.

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