Is fb likevip a Scam? Is It Legit to Invest in?

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Investing in something you do not understand is a foolish move. If you’re unclear whether or not fb likevip is a safe investment, the following facts can assist you.
The FB-like VIP program has been around for several months., It has been created to make it easier for people to promote their page and purchase the likes for it on Facebook.

Advertisers can promote their Facebook page, post, or profile by offering a monetary incentive to anyone who completes activities such as liking the page, post, or profile.

Is Fb LikeVIP a Scam?

FB like VIP is the new website there is not much information about it. although some people have said they have received the payment but there is no proof of it.

Although the website can make money by charging advertisers, why does it sells the premium membership?

The redemption threshold is quite high at $100; it will take several days, and months, to earn $100 for the lower-level members because of ads restriction.

Due to the restriction on the number of ads view, users are compelled to upgrade their membership to view high-paid ads.

Although the company claims to have an office in the United Arab Emirates, there is no contact information on the website and the company has not shown that it has registered in the UAE.

Is fblikeVIP legit to invest in?

There are numerous websites that follow this model, but most of them are not legitimate and have a history of engaging in fraudulent activity against their users.

It is fine to invest in this website if it will help you in generating a return on your investment, but do additional research on the website before investing or upgrading your member level, otherwise, there is a risk of losing your hard-earned money.

When you work on this website, you will quickly run out of clickable advertising because the level 1 VIP can only click and generate revenue for three ads per day, the level 2 VIP five ads per day, and so on.

If users do not upgrade their membership level, they will not hit the redemption threshold for 4 to 5 months. As a result, they would upgrade their membership level by paying money to the website.

There are 8 membership levels, and you must upgrade to the next level to receive more clickable advertising. You must pay again if you wish to do so.

Due to the lack of information about it, I do not recommend investing in this website until you have discovered both online and offline proof of mass payment.


Fblikevip is a website that pays users for completing tasks, the majority of which involve liking a video and a Facebook page.

Although the website has the potential to generate a substantial stream of revenue from subscribers. Still, there is some doubt regarding the website’s long-term sustainability, as the majority of PTC websites have gone offline in recent years.

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