is nordvpn legal in uae? Here are the facts.

Nordvpn is a widely used VPN app in the world and the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates. Generally, people use the VPN in the gulf countries to access the restricted websites and purchases the items which are not locally available. Today in this post I would like to make you clear on this issue “is Nordvpn legal in the UAE?”

How does Nordvpn work in UAE?

  1. When you access internet services with Nordvpn it routes your internet traffic through a remote server and hides your Ip address.
  2. It encrypts all incoming and outgoing data.
  3. NordVPN uses the technologies OpenVPN and Internet Key Exchange v2 / IPsec in its applications.

How can you use the Nordvpn?

  • You can use it on android and ISO devices.
  • Linux, and macOS, Windows desktop applications available.
  • If you are using google chrome or Firefox browsers can use its extension.

 Is Nordvpn legal in UAE?

Before I give you the answer “Yes” or “No” let me the explaining here what is the UAE law has stated. The UAE government passed a cybercrime regulation in 2012, there are many restrictions that have been imposed on the internet to protect the country from the information technology crime.

However, the amended federal law No 12, 2016 has made clear that residents of UAE and business using the VPN to go online is a crime. Articles 1, cybercrime law 2016 has defined the punishment as following;

  • Any person who bypasses the Internet protocol address by using a delusive address for the purpose of committing or preventing the discovery of a crime shall be punished by imprisonment or
  • fine, not less than (AED 150.000) and not more than (AED 500.000) or any of these penalties.
  • Anyone who did the crime by using the VPN punishment will increase from the primary ranges and The new fine will be  AED500,000 AED2,000,000.

The cybercrime law in the UAE is very strict and does not allow individuals and businesses to connect VPN to their network, but, the banks, financial institutions, and the other organization use the VPN to secure their privacy. The Etisalat and Du also allow the organization to integrate the VPN devices in the local connection.

Not only the organizations but also the UAE residents who use the VPN, the number is enormous. Although the number of VPN users in the country is high, no action has been taken unless they fall into the crime.

You might already get my answer to your question of whether Nordvpn is legal or illegal in the UAE.

The cybercrime law has not granted any special privileges to the Nordvpn and it users but you can use it without manipulating the VPN services for malicious activities.

Is nordvpn legal in uae?

  • Using the Nordvpn for legitimate purposes, would not constitute a crime
  • manipulating internet protocols with the intent to commit any fraud or crime is illegal
  • Accessing the nefarious content likely to damage the community eg. recruitment videos for terrorist groups will bring severe consequences.
  •  accessing foreign TV series that are not yet available in the UAE eg. the latest series of Game of Thrones is aslo punishable.
  • Using the VPN for calling apps such as Skype, Viber, and others apps will not stipulate cybercrime. Although the law has not mentioned these activities can tolerate.
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