Best company to work in uae in 2021


The Great Place to Work, an international consulting firm, publishes an annual report for Best company to work in uae for employee well-being. 40 companies have been listed based on their rank during the employees’ survey in its report.

If you’re looking for the best company to work in the UAE in 2021, there may not be any better options than the following companies.

How does the great place to work rank the companies?

It recognizes the companies for their outstanding workplace culture and employees’ well-being.

  1. The GPW takes the survey from the employees by visiting their workplace and accommodation.
  2. After collecting the information, the experts check the actuality and reliability of the individual employees’ information.
  3. Finally, the expert from a great place to work provides rank to the company based on the number they had achieved when the survey was conducted.

Every year, hundreds of new companies join a great place to work consultancy to learn about their employees’ satisfaction levels.

Without employee satisfaction, a company cannot achieve its business objectives, and employees will not speak positively about their employer if they are not provided with adequate facilities.

So, here’s the deal: according to the following list, you should believe that the companies have the best work environment from various perspectives. The organizations ranked first, second, and third is superior to the following orders.

Best company to work in uae

  1. THE One
  2.  DHL
  3. Chalhoub Group
  4.  Five Hotels
  5.  Hilton hotels
  6.  Dubai Police
  7.  Century Financial
  8.  Splash
  9. Dubai Police Academy
  10. Aldar Properties
  11. Cisco
  12. Sara Group
  13. Bacardi
  14. Leminar Group
  15. General Mills
  16.  Yum! Brands
  17. Babyshop
  18. MSC Pharmaceuticals
  19. International Beverage and Filling Industries
  20. Homebox
  21. Pizza Express
  22.  AbbVie Pharmaceuticals
  23.  Emax
  24.  Max
  25.  Glander Bunkering
  26. Shoexpress
  27. Shoemart
  28. Apparel Group
  29. Westford University College
  30.  Al Dabbagh Group
  31. Home center
  32.  SAS UAE
  33. Global Food Industries
  34.  LGT Middle East
  35. Lifestyle
  36.  Centrepoint
  37. Amgen
  38.  Zee TV
  39.  Grohe
  40. Shoemart International
  41. Shift Electronics
  42. Teleperformance UAE
  43.  Department of eGov, Sharjah
  44. Servier
  45. Saudi German Hospital

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