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A lot of people don’t know about the bellboy meaning if they don’t have any experience in a high-class hotel. Bellboy is a male worker, especially in the hotel, who carries badges, delivers, and collects something on behalf of the guest.

What are the responsibilities of the bell boy?

The Bellboy is responsible for carrying out the task ordered by the Bell Captain and he will be responsible for the following tasks;

  • welcoming guests
  • escorting guests with their baggage to their room when check-in.
  • escorting guests with their baggage from their room when check-outs
  •  Make the parking requests for guests vehicles
  •  Carefully and safely handle the luggage and baggage of the guest.

Bellboy job description and General duties

  • Welcoming guests at the main entrance, and greeting them appropriately as per the time.
  • Escort guests to their rooms and explain hotel facilities.
  • Assist the guests to deliver all baggage, faxes, messages, and packages to guests and do several other tasks according to the guest’s request.
  • Assist with valet parking during the arrival and departure of the guest.
  • Receive and store the guest luggage and keep a proper record of level tags
  • Store the guest’s luggage in the luggage room and respond to their request.
  • Tie the luggage tags to the guest’s luggage, especially for group check-in.
  • Guide the guests to arrive at the reception desk and to wait beside them.
  • Receive the room key from the front desks and escort the guest to the room.
  • If guest want to change the room be prepared for, transferring baggage from one room to another.
  • You should remember the guest by name especially;
    • repeat guests,
    • VIPS, repeat guest
    • long-staying guests and
    • always greet guests as saying Welcome again
  • Recommend to the guest about the Food and Beverage outlets’ operational times.
  • Quickly check the guest room when the guests checking out to ensure that they have not forgotten any personal items.
  • Act like a doorman and give the first and final impression on arrival and the departure of the hotel guest.
  • Clean and maintain the baggage room and work area assist in maintaining
  • Report to the reception desk or bell captain about any malfunctioning equipment.
  • Maintains and upkeep the appearance of the hotel lobby and entrance.
  • perform other duties as per assign
  • Be fully aware of what functions are going on in the hotel
  • Able to explain relevant information relating to hotel facilities, and on all places of interest around the hotel.
  • Note down any request that has made from the hotel guest and act quickly without the fail.
  • Fully cooperate with colleagues and hotel concierge.
  • Appropriately dressed when on duty and to have discipline at all times.
  • Participate in pre-shift briefing and coordination meetings scheduled or ordered by the Bell Captain or the Front Office Manager.

Health & Safety Duties;

  • Follow the health and safety procedure.
  • Reporting of hazardous situations or deficiencies in health and safety arrangements.
  • Use any equipment according to the training.
  • Do not mess with or misuse something for health & safety purposes.

Experience required for the bellboy

  • 1 – 3 years of experience may require
    • as Bellman,
    • Hotel Driver, or
    • Valet Parking Driver.
  • The valid driving license may require
  •  Able to speak the English language clearly and fluently.
  • Ability to Provide excellent customer service and maintain a professional demeanor.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others both verbally and written.
  • Able to move the lift, carry, push, pull, and place objects weighing less than or equal to 80 pounds.
  • You may require a stand or walk for a longer period of time.
  • You should not have any problem with overhead below the knees, bending twisting and pulling.

Conclusion: The Bellboy is a hotel porter who carries the guest’s luggage and baggage from the entry point to the hotel room and room to the exit point. Despite this, there are other variations of the tasks that bellboy is performed that I have mentioned above.

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