What ICA smart services are available in the UAE?


The ICA is a part of the Federal Authority for Identity and is responsible for all aspects of identity and citizenship in the United Arab Emirates. The ICA has developed a system that allows its users to access ICA smart services in the UAE or anywhere in the world.

Anyone who comes AE for work and for business mostly needs to deal with two deparment

1. MOHRE (Ministry Of Human Resources and Emiratization)

2. ICA (Identity and Citizenship Authority)

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MOHRE) offers labor-related services to individuals and businesses, such as providing labor cards, work permits, labor dispute resolution, labor contracts, etc. learn MoreĀ 

MOHRE also amends the country’s labor law according to to need and proposes it to the cabinet meeting for approval.

ICA, on the other hand, offers Visa and Emirates ID services to UAE nationals, residents, and foreigners.

What are ICA smart services in the UAE?

ICA (Identity Citizenship Authority) generally handles issues of UAE citizenship, Emirates ID, exit and entry visas; however, its smart service has been classified as follows;

  1. Citizens

UAE nationals can use the ICA smart service to apply for a passport, Emirates ID, family book, and other citizenship services.

If Emirati wishes to sponsor a foreign national to visit the UAE for business or personal travel, they can use the smart servies to apply for a visa and entry permit.

2. UAE Residents

Residents of the UAE can use the ICA smart service to apply for Visas, residence, and Emirates IDs for themselves and their sponsors.

3. GCC Citizens

As GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries are bound by common rules, citizens of those countries have no restrictions on visiting the UAE, but, A residency visa may be required for doing business and staying in the UAE.

Gulf Cooperation Council Countries are;

    1. Saudi Arabia
    2. Qatar
    3. UAE
    4. Oman
    5. Bahrain
    6. Kuwait

Citizens of the countries listed above do not require a visa to visit the UAE, but if they wish to apply for residency or an Emirates card can apply through the Smart service in the UAE.

4. Visitors

Using the Smart services, visitors can apply for an entry visa, as well as renew, extend, and exit-entry.

How can I get ICA smart service in the UAE?

To become a user of the ICA smart service in the United Arab Emirates, you must create a User and receive approval from the Federal Authority For Identity and Citizenship.

To register an account for Smart services, you can use the official website or their app on your smartphone.

Registration is a simple process that can be completed in less than five minutes if you have all the necessary information.

How to register smart services ica gov ae?

  1. first, visit the ICA website by clicking here and go over the individual’s services if are going to register for yourself.
  2. To register the corporation, go to the Establishments Services.
  3. If you want to register a typing center you will find that option too.


When you click on a service you want to receive, it will redirect you to the login page, where you can register as a new user or login with your username and password if you have already registered.

You can sign up for the services using the UAE pass and another email verification method. When you enter your email address, a validation link will be sent to your inbox. Open the email and click the validation link to proceed.

The first page of the online form requires you to provide particular information about yourself and the documents you will submit.

Second, you should pay 150dhs using the available option; if you are entering the UAE for Visa on arrival, you can pay it at the international airport in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The ICA smart service enables users to receive any citizenship or visa-related services quickly and easily.

So, if you are visiting or already in the UAE, this service may be worthwhile for completing all documentation, renewing, and extending your visa and emirate id.

ICA smart service is also beneficial to UAE nationals while applying for a passport and citizenship.

When you apply for services on the Federal Identity and Citizenship website or app, you can track the status of your application and print out if it has been approved.

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