Visa violation in Saudi Arabia New regulation

Visa violation in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi government has announced new penalties and issued warnings to Saudi nationals and residents who assist visa violators for remaining in the country. The new rule for visa violation in Saudi Arabia went into effect shortly after the administration announced it.

Currently, there are many examples in Saudi Arabia where foreign nationals who come to work flee from their employers and work for a new company without a valid visa and work permit.

Furthermore, some visit visa holders remain in the country after their visas have expired and work illegally in the country.

To address this issue, the Saudi government has changed its visa laws from time to time in the past, and it is now focusing on the punishment for both helpers and violators.

Punishment for Visa violation in Saudi Arabia

  1. Anyone who helps visa violators stay in the country by providing housing, employment, or other services shall face an SR 100,000 punishment.
  2. The second penalty for an employer of an invalid visa holder is a jail sentence of up to 6 months. This sentence is applicable to people who offer accommodation for foreign nationals who do not have a valid visas.
  3. If an employer is caught giving a job to an immigrant who is in the country illegally, they may be barred from hiring foreigners or local staff for up to six months.
  4. An SR 50,000 fine, a 6-month jail term, and deportation from the country will impose on any self-employee without a valid visa.
  5. An illegal immigrant who deports from the country will ban from entering the country in the future.

The government also asks the people to report illegal immigrants if they come across them.

Saudi Arabia is encouraging private companies to hire locals and restrict certain jobs to immigrants.

Since illegal immigrants are less expensive than valid visa holders and local and national. Numerous businesses continue to hire illegal workers despite the zero-tolerance policy from the government. Check your Saudi visa.

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