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Dubai is not a cheap place to live because it’s the most expensive city in the Gulf region. Although foreign workers with a low-level job earn less money in Dubai they have to outgo three times more money for the equal stander of living to their home country. Even when purchasing the daily necessities from grocery stores, the cost of living is even higher, You wants to save your money, make the habit of buying items from the hypermarket in Dubai.

Not all people live in Dubai are rich, therefore the hundreds of hypermarkets, convenience stores, and supermarkets offer relatively low price products with overall good qualities.

When reaching in Dubai you will find everywhere hypermarkets, express markets, and supermarkets. You might be confused because there are various prefixes on the market. The shopping stores categorize base on their sizes and diversification of the products that they offer. Here is a short explanation about the markets that I have mentioned above.

Categories of the Retail stores;
  1. Hypermarket: It is bigger than the supermarket, in other words, a hypermarket is a big box of the shopping store which consists of departmental stores and supermarkets. It occupies a large area, so, the various lines of products and merchandise come into a roof.
  2. Supermarket:  The types of stores where customers self serves themselves. It is smaller than a hypermarket but bigger than grocery stores and express markets. The products in the store layout into the section, so that, customers can find easily and quickly. Supermarkets are very popular in Dubai for shopping for a variety of food, beverages, and household goods.
  3. Express markets: In the context of UAE, these types of stores run through the hypermarket chains. It is even smaller than the supermarkets and only limited products are available especially consumer goods such as foods beverages and vegetables.

Why should you buy items from Hypermarket in UAE?

  1. Cheaper: Though it costs millions of dollars to operate the hypermarkets in the Gulf region, offering products that are relatively cheaper than groceries shop. You wouldn’t save much money if you live in Dubai and buy the necessary items from the nearby grocery shops every day. Most of the groceries operator purchase the bulk of items from hypermarkets and sell to the customers in the pieces. If you purchase those products directly from hypermarkets your cost of living can go down in Dubai.
  2. Qualities of the products: The goods that enter the hypermarkets are supplied by the supplier’s companies. The hypermarket has a quality control department to check the quality and freshness of products.
  3. Refund and exchange services: When you buy items from a UAE hypermarket, you can either refund or replace them if there is a flaw or you are willing to exchange it. Every hypermarket has a customer services department to resolve the issue with its products that have arisen from the customers. Most hypermarkets maintain speedy customer services in order to satisfy their customers from all points of view.

In the United Arab Emirates, there are 2 dozen hypermarket chains some of which are multinational and offer the world the most popular brands to the customers. Although many hypermarkets are competing in Dubai they have unique features on selling and serving to the customers.

This post will help you to understand the best hypermarket in the UAE or Dubai.

  1. Carrefour;

This company was launched in 1995 by opening the first hypermarket in Deira Dubai. The Majid Al Futtaim which is the largest conglomerate in the gulf region is the parent organization of the carrefour.

In the initial stage, the MAF hypermarket ventured with French-based Carrefour the largest retail network in the European countries. That’s why, it is known by today as Carrefour, although, all the official documents go through the MAF hypermarket.

Carrefour now has operated the hypermarkets in 38 countries across the middle east, Africa and Asia. You can buy more than 10,000 brands’ products at a reasonable price especially in the promotion.

Carrefour services;
  • Customer Service to listen to your complaints and inquiries.
  • Service & Warranty of the goods
  • Return & Exchange for the goods
  • Secure Online Payments for online transactions.
  • Cash on Delivery after receiving the items.
  • Shipping & Delivery services according to customer needs.
  • Home Delivery for online purchases.

You will receive a discount on the range of products starting from 5-35% on the total price if you buy the items during the promotion. Carrefour always conducts promotion in its stores and offer goods at an affordable price.

Another way you can benefit from purchasing items from Carrefour is a customer loyalty program where you will get Carrefour myclubcard. Every item that you purchase from any carrefour stores in UAE, the cashier will scan your card and the reward points will be credited. When you reach the threshold you can redeem and buy items from the store converting the points into the real cash.

2. Lulu Hypermarket;

Lulu is another hypermarket in the UAE that comes second after Carrefour. It has run not only shopping malls in the UAE, but also in the Gulf region and in several Asian countries, including India, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

LuLu directly competing with Carrefour the largest Hypermarket chain in GCC. The price of the products is relatively low and excellent service for refunds, exchange, and repair warranty.

LULU also runs the weekend, month-end and festival promotion for the grocery, fresh food, electronic gadgets, home living and fashion items where you can get discount starting from 10-50%. If you wish to purchase inexpensive products always visit their website and check the promotions goods that could buy at fair prices.

3. Al Madina Hypermarket LLC

It was established in 1971 and is the oldest hypermarket and supermarket chain in the UAE. Al Madina has operated hundreds of supermarkets in the UAE whether in big cities or in the residential area. The price offers for the grocery items are competitive and it also famous for serving fresh food products and quality household items.

4. Pasons 16 Hypermarket

Pansons hypermarket is one of the sister organizations of Pansons group the largest business entity in the United Arab Emirates. The group provides various types of services some of them are;

  • Catering Services
  • Internet Cafe
  • Mobile Shops
  • Networking and Communications
  • Real Estate and Property Management
  • Restaurants
  • Hypermarket,
  • Supermarkets and
  • Wholesale Trading and Distribution

Although Panson’s hypermarkets are not bigger, they offer similar types of services and goods like Carrefour and LuLu. They have an excellent refund policy of the purchased items hassle-free process where you can contact through apps, phone, and WhatsApp for money back or replacement and arrange will make accordingly.

4. Fathima Hypermarket in Dubai

It is one of the oldest retail groups in the United Arab Emirates and established in 1971. Now, 45 retail stores are operating under the umbrella of the Fathima family the group has a strong foothold in the retail industry in GCC such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman.

The Fatima hypermarket provides not only products and services at an affordable price, but also the Marabah loyalty program which will give you a reward point for every purchase you make.

5. Bluemart Hypermarket

Although the Bluemart has operated only a few hypermarkets in UAE it is one of the leading organizations in the supermarket operators. The Bluemart group was created in 2009 after opening a supermarket in Dubai now it has run 28 branches including numerous supermarkets and some hypermarkets.

Being the younger retail company, it serves consumers attractively and offers the goods in competing prices. Adapting the digital business initiative the group has developed a smart app that enables the customer to order goods online and the delivery team is ready to serve.

In conclusion: Although there are hundreds of hypermarkets in Dubai these above fives are the most trusted and most affordable hypermarket in the United Arab Emirates. Having experience for shopping for more than 17yrs in a hypermarket in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates I don’t hesitate to recommend these hypermarkets for everyone because you would get a pleasant experience with the products and services that they offer.

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