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In the United Arab Emirates, power security services are a subsidiary of the power international facility management group established in 1996.

Like other facility management companies in the UAE, it offers a range of services to industrial, commercial, and residential facilities.

The Power group of companies has been active in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) member countries, providing the following services:

  1. Security services
  2. General cleaning services
  3. pest control
  4. housekeeping
  5. Supply of domestic workers
  6. landscaping and irrigation
  7. Office assistants such as office boy and messenger
  8. Electrical services
  9. plumbing
  10. HAVC Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning
  11. Maintenance services

As I will discuss power security services in the UAE, the company has provided SIRA and PSCOD guards in Dubai and other emirates. Additionally, the company offers a variety of services in the area of private security, including the following:

  1. Static and patrol security services
  2. Manguarding services
  3. lifeguard services
  4. covert services
  5. fire evacuation plans
  6. Security integrated services, such as CCTV, Alarm, and other surveillance systems.

If you are joining this company as a member of the security department, please read this article to the end as I have broken down the benefits and drawbacks of working here.

Advantages of working power security services;

  1. Old and reputable company;

The company was established in 1996, and it one of the well-established companies in the facility management sector. If a company is new, it is still growing and does not prioritize employee welfare, while an old company offers more benefits to its employees.

2. Salary and Overtime:

Salary is determined by location; if you work in Dubai, the company pays under SIRA regulations. When you work under the PSCOD regulation, you are paid per the PSCOD regulation.

If the company requires you to work on an off-day, you will be eligible for overtime. Overtime rates are comparable to other companies or as per the labor law of the United Arab emirates.

3. Vacation and holiday;

You would work for 12 hours every day for six days a week, with one day off each week. You can take a vacation every two years, and the company will pay you two monthly salaries, including the two-way ticket while you are on vacation.

4. Management of the company;

The company’s top management is great; they listen to the people on the ground. If you face any issue, you can discuss it with them.

5. Workplace culture;

As a security guard, you will not assign duty to a single location because the company can change your duty site if requires. When a company deploys to new locations for work, you will encounter different workplace cultures; however, the members of the power security community are more supportive and helpful.

6. Free training;

You are not required to pay for training, including SIRA and PSCOD training. When you receive a promotion that needs to get training, your employer will cover the cost. Not only this but also the organization provides you other refreshment training which helps for career development.

7. Job security;

The company has many clients, some of which are the largest and reputable establishments in the UAE. When you join this organization, your contract will keep renewing. I mean, you can work for as long as you want until the company terminates the contract cause of your unlawful behavior.

8. Opportunities;

Promoting within the security department is one thing; however, if you are a professional worker who started a security guard job, if there are opportunities in the power facility management company or other companies in UAE, you can switch your job.

9. Health insurance, accommodation, and transportation:

According to UAE labor law, the company provides you with a health insurance package covering the cost of medical care if you need it.

You do not require to pay for the accommodation and transportation, because the company has its own accommodation and vehicles to transport you. Microwaves are available for warming food and refrigerators for storing it in the accommodation.

10. End Services;

When you terminate your contract with this organization, you will receive end service benefits in conjunction with UAE law. To learn how to calculate gratuity, click here.

Cons of working power security services Dubai/UAE

  1. It is a mid-sized private security firm.
  2. 12 hours of duty every day can be difficult if the site needs standing duty.
  3. You must process your own food and carry it to the duty location.
  4. food is not free
  5. Most of the time you would be under busy hrs in workplace.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of working with a UAE-based power security company. Not only this agency, but the majority of private security firms in the UAE provide comparable benefits and drawbacks.

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