How to apply Nepal tourist visa online?


The Government of Nepal had formally initiated Nepal tourist visa online application system in 2014. Since then, the system has been providing better quality and smart services to the visitors who willing to visit the country for different purposes.

The visa application online is mandatory now, It means there is the only way you can apply for a visa to Nepal. However, the diplomatic and official visas do not process through online.

If you want to visit and stay in Nepal you can apply for a visa by logging into from any place and at any time.

The online service is only available at the Department of Immigration (DOI) in Kathmandu Tribhuwan International Airport.

If you have not acquired Visa before boarding the plane for Kathmandu-Nepal, you should follow the simple procedures for a tourist visa on arrival at the airport (TIA).

Although Airport staffs are very frankly to help the visitors, it is very essential for you to know How to apply for a Nepal visa online. If you apply for a visa online you should not wait in a long queue for visa issuance from the Immigration staffs at the point of entry.

Now, let me guide you about only a few things, that, you need to do to apply for a Nepal tourist visa online.

1st step: Fill in ‘ Nepal visa application form ‘

There are two ways you can fill in the visa application form for obtaining a tourist visa for Nepal.

  1. Fill the form on the official website of the department of immigration of Nepal and apply it on it.
  2. Obtain a visa from the diplomatic office of the Nepal government in your home countries such as embassy or consular offices.

How to apply for a visa on the Nepal immigration website?

Visit the DOI website. You would land on the page just like the following pictures and go over the tourist visa and click on it,


You need to fill up the online form with the following details that must be correct and accurate.

  1. Name;
      • Sure name
      • middle name
      • last name
  2. Nationality 
  3. Date of birth
  4. Passport number
  5. Passport validity date
  6. Permanent address of your country
      • street No
      • Street name
      • Pin number or postal code
  7. Address in Nepal (only for NRN citizen of Nepal)
      • House No
      • street name
      • ward number (VDS or Municipality)
      • District
      • occupation
      • contact No
      • Cell phone No
      • Email address
  8. Visa request: After providing the above detail you need to choose your visa starting date and expire date from the popup calendar.
  9. Types of services: You will find the options including “New visa/extension of visa/transfer visa” just select according to your need.
  10. Provide the address of Nepal: If you are staying in the hotel provides its address.  another hand, the person who is staying friend’s house or company or institution sponsorship fills up their address.
  11. Select immigration offices;
      • Immigration department
      • Immigration offices
      • Nepali mission abroad.

Please note: Choose immigration offices and the TIA from the correct drop-down menu if you apply for a tourist visa to Nepal.

The last step of the process is to upload the scanned photo in the PP size at the top left of the online form. Now, submits the application.

When you submit the application you will get the submission receipt with barcode, print it and bring with you to get the visa on arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport.

The validity of the online application is only for 15days if you not come to Nepal within 15days then you need to apply again.

2nd  Step: Make payment

After applying for the visa you should make the payment for service, the visa fees depend on the visa types and validity date. If you want to know the Nepal tourist visa fees click here. There are three payment options are available for making the payment for the visa.

  1. Thorugh bank: There are many bank counters in the airport which accept your payment for visa. Just pay to the bank counter and bring the voucher/receipt with you.
  2. Use the Kiosk machines; This machine looks like an ATM which helps you make transactions online. To use this machine you need to enter Nepali currency note into it. Choose the payment for the visa, enter the amount and submit by clicking the submit button. Once you make the payment the machine will give you the receipt and keep it with you because the immigration officer can request you to show it.
  3. Cash Payment; Most people use this method, for visa fee payment, because, there are many visa fee collection counters at TIA. Moreover, we advise you to bring some cash with you

Points to remember about an application for Nepal tourist visa online.

  • Keep your passport with you and should have validity for more than 3 months.
  • Upload the digital photo size ( 1.5” x 1.5”) should have recently taken.
  • Make the list of the detail such as permanent residence address, and
    detailed address in Nepal.
  • You need to provide telephone numbers—land-line and mobile.
  • You need to provide your email address too.
  • The validity of the online application is 15days, therefore, you should come to Nepal within 15days, otherwise, you need to go through the entire process from the beginning.
  • After submission of your application successfully, the receipt will be sent in your email.
  • Check your email address and print the receipt, keep it with you because you need to produce to the immigration officer in the Airport.
  • On your receipt, the dateline to contact immigration authority will be found.
  • The receipt is not only the submission confirmation slip but also it is an informational document that contains the list of requires necessary documents too.
  • Please contact the Immigration Authority within 15 days after the submission of the application.

3rd Step:  Proceed to the Immigration counter with your online form,  payment receipts, and your passport
Hand in the above documents to the immigration officer for obtaining the visa He/She will issue the visa base on their own judgment.

Conclusion: To obtain the Nepal tourist visa online is a simple and easy process because it could be granted to everybody. Although most of the things have improved for the visa application, still the visitors can not make international payment for the visa fee.

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