How to register your Carrefour card for activation.


Carrefour card- Carrefour is an international French retailer headquartered in Boulogne_Billancourt in France. It is one of the largest European hypermarket chains with more than 1000 hypermarkets and the fourth largest retail group in the world.

In term of the revenue after Wal-Mart, Tesco and Costco, it is the third profitable retailer in the world. Although the majority of the stores are located in the European cities it has operated retail sell in other countries also.

Joint venture with Majid Al Futtaim the Carrefour has been operating Hypermarket and supermarket since 1995 in UAE.

Carrefour has opened the different types of hyper and supermarket stores in the number of big cities in the UAE.

The Carrefour sells and purchases more than 10000 food and none food products. The company also has become a well-known brand of household goods.

To make the customers a unique and pleasant shopping. It has brought a customer loyalty programme which offers the reward points on each purchase they make in any Carrefour store across the UAE.

The customers credit the points only if they scan the Carrefour card while paying the bill of the goods at the counter. The Carrefour card which refers “MyClub” is instant access card comes with the barcode number.

How to get the Carrefour card?

To get it, you should go to any Carrefour store and ask the MyClub card to the cashier. After having the card you should register for activation. If you don’t know how to register it then ask help from Carrefour staffs.

Since it is easy, many people register the card online form their house. If you don’t know how to activate your carrefour card just follow this tutorial which may help you to do so.

First, visit the Carrefour my MyClub website by clicking here. then create a member account by clicking on “register online”.

carrefour card

When you go to the next page, you would find two options but check the register new account.

carrefour card

After creating the new account, log in yourself to active the card. Enter the 16 digit number printed on your card, fill all the information that is required.

Create the new password but remember password should include letter and number like ”dubai123”. At last checkbox terms and conditions and submit it.

If all the information that you have entered in the mandatory field are correct the message box will pop up with register successful. But if you have not provided sufficient information then make the correction.

How many points you can get from your shopping? 

If you buy any item which is the cost of AED 10 you can be credited 1 point. Generally, each 10 Dirham transaction provides 1 point to the customer. However, it depends on the product that you have bought. Some product may credit more points and promotion product may not allow scanning the card.

How to redeem the points?

To redeem the points you should reach 500 points equivalent to 50 Dirham or 1000 points equal to 100 dirhams. When you reach the threshold you can buy any items equal the points that you have stored in your Carrefour card.

How to withdraw the Papal balance in UAE.

To watch the live registering of the My club card.


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