How to refill cash in the bank’s ATM

refill cash

A certain person and security guards are responsible to handle the ATM machine in the bank. The security guard who work cash in transit services also refills and replenish cash in the ATM.

Either you are the security guard or the bank employee who has access to load and relinquish the cash in the machine, this post is very important because I have given the detailed tutorial for filling the cash in the cash cassettes and place back them into the Machine.

What is ATM?

ATM cash

ATM is an automatic teller machine designed to dispense the cash needs of the customer and most of them are in a compact size to fit any place.

The machine connected the network processor to verify the account and other inquiries through the card. Today modern  ATM machines are easy to use, easy to services and easy to support the customer needs.

Before operating the machine you should know the safety guidelines and precautionary measures. Failing to address the safety measure leads to injury and damage the product.

These following danger can expose to you if you do not follow the safety procedures.

  1. Electrical shock,
  2. High temperature, and
  3. Fire
Cash shutting:

Before refill cash, in the ATM, you should choose the proper notes, the cash should not be very old, torn and the corner not to be folded.

Now let’s learn how to refill the ATM machine with cash.

1. first step, insert front panel key.

ATM key

2. Open the front panel by pulling toward you or some of the ATM machine has to pull the front panel right or left to open. It depends on the companies and designing the machines.

3. Press the maintenance switch.

ATM maintenance key

4. Press the log on button.

5. Enter the password click next.


6. After login successfully, you would be on the main menu.main menu

7. The default option is a replenishing device but comes to the counters using the down button.


8. you would see the “view all” press next

view all
8.  In the view all counters option you find the remaining cash detail in the machine. scroll down to see all the detail of remaining, dispensed and diverted cash in each cash cassettes.

Print the cash detail and press the done button you will redirect the main menu.

view balance

8. Leave the device on the main menu and work in the vault section.

main menu

9. Now open the vault cover using the key.

vault cover

10. Here is the combination key  


11. Now unlock the vault combination, it will be wheeling freely but not open until you match the combination numbers.

vault key

12. Use the vault combination key first number 4 time anticlockwise, second number 3 times clockwise and third number 2 time anticlockwise and turn clockwise it will unlock.

ATM combination key

13. Now you have opened the vault door and there are the cash cassettes. Just look at the following picture, there are three cassettes where we fill the note of 1000 and 500. The cassette in the top is diverted cash cassette.

When the ATM unable to dispense the cash those cash fall into the diverted cassette.vault cassette

14. Pull out the Cassettes for filling.

cassette cases

15. Open the cassettes, inspect it and count the physical cash.

cash cassette

16. Fill the cassettes with cash, make sure cash should be placed in the middle of the belt and release the cash holder.

ATM cash load

17. Placed the cassettes back after filling them. Each cassette gives the beeping sound if it fits properly in the case.

vault cassette

18. Now close the vault and its door then go to the screen for remaining set up.

vault cover

19. Now you are on the main display with the main menu as you had left before.

Atm main menu

20. Press the replenish devices and you would come next screen just like below picture go over the cash dispenser and press next button.

21. On this screen, you can add the bills, exchange cassettes, empty the diverted cassette and empty retract cassette. Add bill is for adding cash without doing anything. If you exchange cassettes go over exchange cassettes.

You should go over the empty divert cassette if you took the diverted cash to the cash dispense cassettes. It needs to erase the diverted cash record in the current log repot.

exchange cassettes

22. Add the number of notes you have added or if you change cassettes enter all number of the notes you have put in each cassette and press done.


add cash

23. It would take a few seconds to verify.

23. Automatically you come back to the main menu and press the replenish devices.

Atm main menu

24. cash dispenser

cash disperser
25. Verify the balance, print and done button.

cash verify

26. Back to the main menu and come down the status list and service logs and press next.

27. Go over the send attention message.send status

28. After doing this you would redirect to the main menu and go to exit button and press it.

exit button

29. When you exit the maintenance mode now you are at the testing mode. Make sure all the ATM component and their function passed the test it would do automatically just see if there any errors.

After making sure, press the skip button that would take you to the consumer screen and ATM runs as normal.

30. Lastly, test the ATM inserting your card.

Hand inserting ATM card

In conclusion; It may look a bit difficult to refill cash in the ATM but it is so easy if you practise 2 or 3 times. You are not required any technical knowledge to refill cash in the machine but it is necessary you should be computer literate and know the safety procedures.