How To Make Your Big Ticket Price low and win much?

Big-ticket is one of the longest-running raffles Draw in the United Arab Emirates and it has made thousands of people millionaire since 1992. The big-ticket price is not cheaper for the low earner in the UAE, because, you may not afford every month for buying the big-ticket and meet your family’s financial needs.

UAE is one of the countries which become the home of the million migrant workers and business person around the world. Especially the raffle draw has targeted the expatriates’ residence of the UAE because emirates do not participate.

The big-ticket not only offer you the 10Million 15Millon and 20million money promotion but also dream cars and jeeps are available. You can participate in any promotion that I have mentioned above, in addition, everyone has the opportunity to win the luxurious car through buying the cheaper ticket compare to the money promotion.

Before I guide you on how to purchase big tickets at a decent price let me give you some helpful information, that could help you to start the big-ticket journey in the United Arab Emirates. Find the new draw result click here.

Where to buy big-ticket?

There are the two-channels to buy big-ticket in the UAE. online and offline.

  • Online: To buy the big-ticket online you should have the credit or debit card which allows online transactions.
    • If you want to buy big-ticket online visit their official website and select the promotion that you want to participate then click on the buy tickets icon.
    • You will be redirected on the login page, create the new account if you don’t have previously just clicking the register option.
    • The existing user can log in using their user name and passport.
    • Enter your credit or debit card detail as required then checkout. You will get the electronic ticket number.
  • Offline: this option is available for the people who are residents of the UAE and do not have debit or credit cards. Visit any following offline stores and buy the numbers of tickets that you need the transaction would make on cash.
1. City Terminal  Opposite Beach Rotana Hotel Tourist Club Area, Abu Dhabi
2. Arrivals Hall Arrivals Hall, Abu Dhabi International Airport, Between DU and Travelex
3. Terminal 1Departures Terminal 1 Departures Tunnel, Abu Dhabi International Airport
4. Terminal 1 A Departures Terminal 1A Departures Duty-Free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
5. Terminal 1 Arrivals Terminal 1 Arrivals Duty-Free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
6. Terminal 2 Landside Terminal 2 Landside Area (Next to Relay), Abu Dhabi International Airport
7. Terminal 2 Departures Terminal 2 Departures Duty-Free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
8. Terminal 2 Arrivals Terminal 2 Arrivals Duty-Free, Abu Dhabi International Airport
9. Terminal 3 Departures Terminal 3 Departures (Gate 28), Abu Dhabi International Airport
10. Al-Ain Airport Landside Al-Ain Airport Landside Area (Next to Relay)
11.. Al-Ain Airport Departures Al-Ain Airport Departures Duty-Free

What is The big-ticket price today?

Although the big-ticket offers a different amount of promotions, the prize will not less than 1millon UAE Dirham. Here is the resent price of the big-ticket it has established for many years.

Promotion Ticket No. AED
millionaire Promotion 1 500
Car promotion 1 150

How to buy the big-ticket at a cheaper price?

Look if you buy 1 ticket you should pay AED 500 it could be the big money whose salary is lower than 3000 in the UAE, because, they have to manage their food and need to send back money to their loved one right?

So, you have to play with a trick just like we practice always my friend has already become a millionaire after playing this trick. The company offers you 1 free ticket when you buy 2 tickets through the same transaction. so, now what to do?

  1. participate, 3 persons ( Your friend or family members)
  2. Raise AED 1000 from collecting AED 334 each
  3. Buy two tickets one time you would get 3 tickets (including a free ticket)
  4.  Now three-person gets the ticket just wait which luck is better.

Conclusion: Whether you like my idea or not it is your analysis but we always do so, somehow one guy has been succeeded. If you buy a ticket through this trick you would save AED 166 on each ticket for every purchase. Therefore, I say that It is the only way everyone can reduce the big-ticket price in UAE.

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