How to get FRANCE VISA DUBAI Almost Instantly?


France is one of the countries which has signed the Schengen agreement, it allows the Schengen visa holder to enter and visit that country freely. If you are looking for information about France visa Dubai, it is enough, if you have studied the Schengen visa policy, because, all of the 26 members of the EU those fall into the Schengen zone have a common visa policy to the visitors who want to visit any of the member states.

If you want to visit France for any purpose you are not required to get a France visa, because, getting any countries visa those have listed below enables you to enter France.

Members of the states have ratified the Schengen Agreement;

Austria Hungary Norway
Belgium Iceland Poland
Czech Republic Italy Portugal
Denmark Latvia Slovakia
Estonia Liechtenstein Slovenia
Finland Lithuania Spain
France Luxembourg Sweden
Germany Malta Switzerland
Greece Netherlands

Who does not need a visa to enter France?

  • European Union residents including nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland.
  • If you have a long term stay visa of any member of the Schengen states or you have a valid residency visa of the Schengen states.
  • Although they are not part of the Schengen states, citizen and residency permit holders of Andorra or Monaco do not require a visa to enter France.
  • Flight crew members on purpose of duty and only travel surrounding the airport area for the duration of the stopover.
  • A crew member of the cargo or cruise ship, holding a ” seaman’s book “recognized by the French authorities, travel to ashore in the duration of the stopover.
  • The passengers of a ship will remain on board during the stopover.
  • A passenger on a cruise ship and plan to enter and stay during the period of the stopover.
  • A valid residence permit holder of any the European Union states or the European Economic Area.
  • Citizen and residency permit holders of Switzerland, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Canada, Japan, the United States of America.

The process of the France Visa UAE.

UAE comes to the list of top 15 countries that residents file of the visa application at one of the Schengen embassies to visit Europe. Each year More than 300K residents of the UAE visit European countries through the Schengen visa.

Let me be specific about how to get France visa in UAE, France embassy in Abu Dhabi has outsourced VFS global (Visa Facilitation Services) company that manages visa and passport issuance-related works on behalf of the many governments worldwide.

Now you should be clear that, whether you submit your visa to France Embassy in Abu Dhabi or consular office in Dubai all the visa processes go through the VFS Global, therefore, the residents of the UAE have to submit the visa application for France at visa application center in Abudhabi or in Dubai.

The VFS’ visa application center in Abu Dhabi only accept the application from the Abudhabi and Al Ain residents those have residency visa issued in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain GDRFA office.

If you are the residence of Abu Dhabi or Al Ain and willing to get the visa for France,  visit the visa application center at;

Level 25, Shining Tower, Mubarak Bin Mohammed Street, 26th Street, Adjacent to Khalidyah Mall, 30023

On the other hand, the residency visa holders issued in Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Ajman, Umm Al-Quwain or Fujairah have to submit their visa application in Dubai VAC office which is located at;

Joint Visa Application Centre, Wafi Mall, Level 2, Falcon, Phase 2, Umm Hurair 2 Phone: +971 4-2055999 Email: [email protected]

How to apply for France Visa Dubai?

As the UAE government has signed a visa waiver agreement with the EU for the UAE national, The Emiratis do not require to get the visa in advance to visit France or any other member states of the EU, because, they will get visa on arrival after reaching any international airport in France.

However, the ex-pats holding the residency visa in the UAE need to get a visa before leaving the UAE to France.

The documents required for UAE nationals to go to France.

Although the UAE nationals do not need the visa to enter the Schengen area they have to bring some documents to present in the port of entry and the border security will make the final decision whether it allows them to enter or not.

  • UAE passport or travel document. It must be valid for at least three more months beyond their intended stay in Europe
  • Evidence on their purpose of visit
  • Proof of financial status that they can support their stay in France
  • Other documents that may be required by specific reason.

how to apply for France visa online?

You need to go through the four-step to apply visa for France;

  1. Visit the official website of France embassy and click on the visa that is located at the starting of the main menu. A page will be open on the new tab which has contained all the four-step of application.

france visa uae


2. Now run the visa wizard to check your eligibility for the France visa Dubai. Fill all of the required field and search

france visa uae

3. Once you press the visa wizard you will go to a different page and you need to fill all of the details including;

  1. Nationality
  2. Age
  3. Place of submission of application
  4. Visa type
  5. Issuing authority of the travel document
  6. Type of Travel document

After completing the online form click on the search button.France-visa-3

4. Once you press on the search button you will go to the other page scroll down and select from the drop-down menu of visit plan and the main purpose of staying. You can visit France for the following purposes;

  • Business
  • study
  • Family and private visit
  • Medical reason
  • Official visit
  • Tourism


5. It is the last page for your France visa eligibility checking. This page has contained the most important information about the supporting documentation that you require for the application.


 supporting documents for UAE residents;

The permanent and temporary residents of the UAE need to some mandatory documents to apply visa for France from the United Arab Emirates.

  • Application Form;

Download the application form after filling online with correct and honest detail on the official visa website of France. You should download twice a copy and sign it at the end.

  • Valid Passport;

Your passport should not be expired or near expire it should validate for more than 3 months.

  • ID photos;

Submit the photos recently taken or within the last three months.

  • Proof of residence permit in UAE;
The residence permit must be valid for at least 3 months such as Emirates ID, labor card and residency.
  • Travel ticket reservation document;

you should have the flight reservation document from UAE to France and back to the UAE’s exact date of departure and returning.

  • Cover letter.

Write the explanation to visit France including your time of remaining.

  • Accommodation proof;

You should have the proof documents where you are going to stay after reaching France. It can be a hotel booking, house or apartment rental agreement, or a letter of invitation by a host person house or company provision.

  • Proof of financial status:

France is not a cheaper place so, you should prove that you have enough money to support yourself in your stay in France such as bank statements, sponsor letters or both.

  • Travel Insurance

Just like other countries in Schengen you should have the travel insurance minimum coverage of 30,000 euros to visit France. The insurance will cover the cost of a medical emergency, accidents, and repatriation in case of death.

  • The socio-professional situation:

Proof of socio-professional status such as employment contract, certificate of employment, trade and companies’ register, school attendance certificate for students, proof of pension).

6. Print the list of supporting documents by clicking the print button, because, it helps you to arrange the necessary documents later. Now just click the submit button and create an account on the next page.

7. When you register successfully you need to log in to access the online application form just fill it with your detail, download, and print. The printed copy must be signed by you and

8. Visit the visa application center for the further process, the VAC offices run by the VFS global. They will guide you and be in touch until you receive the VISA on your hand.

Conclusion: Being a resident of the UAE is not difficult to obtain a visa for France because of the steady process. Obviously, It takes time cause of the EU members and Schengen visa issuance policy. If you want to visit France for medical treatment, study, business, and private visit there is a 90 percent chance for achieving France Visa in Dubai.

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