How to get an Abu Dhabi Police Careers in the UAE?


Abu Dhabi police is a federal department that provides safety and security throughout the United Arab Emirates. Both UAE nationals and foreigners are welcome to join the UAE police forces. This post will advise you on how to look for Abu Dhabi Police Careers.

The UAE has seven emirates; most of them have their police forces. However, every state has an Abu Dhabi police station, which provides supportive services to the state police and function as federal agents. 

Who can be the Abu Dhabi police officer?

The preferred candidates for the Abu Dhabi police are UAE nationals, but foreigners from other Gulf countries, including Nepalis, can also work in the AD police. People from Pakistan and African countries also can submit the Abu Dhabi police application for job purposes.

Where is the Abu Dhabi police recruitment held?

Abu Dhabi police hire Expat candidates for constable positions from other countries or in the UAE. 

  1. Hiring in a different country: First and foremost, the Interior Ministry sent the worker demand letter to other countries’ governments or private organizations such as recruitment agencies or agents.

The Abu Dhabi police representative come to your country to take the interview, and you need to pass the other types of the physical test, such as running, jumping, push-up, and sit-up, etc. 

When you pass all tests and interviews, you have to go for the medical examination. 

  1. Hiring in the UAE: if you are already in the United Arab Emirates, you have to apply for available jobs on the AD police job portal or any police station. 

You can submit your CV to the AD police station for future vacancies. When your application is approved, you will receive the file number by email.

And you will ask to attend a selection process if your application demonstrated that you would be an ideal candidate for police roles.

Now let’s talk about how to look for Abu Dhabi police careers. It depends on whether you are looking from your home country or the United Arab Emirates.

If you are in your home country, you will learn about a local recruitment agency’s job opening.

If you are in the United Arab Emirates, follow the following steps to complete the Abu Dhabi police job vacancy search process.

How to look for Abu Dhabi Police Careers online?

Step 1: Visit the Abu Dhabi Police website and scroll down to the e-recruitment section at the bottom of the home page and click on it.


Step 2: After that, you will redirect the job portal and click on the available jobs. If you believe you are a good fit for the specific roles, click the apply button.

No jobs are available; you can create a CV and upload it for future opportunities. If you meet the specific position criteria in upcoming openings, you will get the email for an interview.

What is the salary of the Abu Dhabi police?

The starting salary for a foreign national working as a guard is 4000dhs, while the starting salary for a local is 9500dhs. There is no fixed salary because it differs according to nationalities.

Conclusion: UAE is the country that has modern police forces in the world. Whether you are a foreign national or a UAE national can have the opportunity to secure your future career with it.

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